Last modified 10/09/2023

Discovering Spain: how to find cheap hotels in Italy :

What would the world be like without Italian culture? What would the world be like without its food or its monuments? What would the world be like without the Italian beauties? There could be many more reasons written here, but there are some things that cannot be explained but must be seen personally. Be sure to travel to Italy.

In the next lines, we will see how to enjoy Rome’s appeal, Florence’s beauty, Milano’s modernity, the view under Tuscany´s sun, the ruggedness of mounts in Sicily and many others, without overspending in lodging, and fully enjoying your vacation time.

Internet is the most used means today, and for space reasons when writing this article, it is used to give advice here. Remember Internet is available whenever you need it, whether you are an early riser or a night-owl.

Of course, you must be aware that a lower lodging cost sometimes involves sacrificing some services or comforts. You must ask yourself: Will I actually do it? If you decide your answer is YES, then keep on reading this article.
Now then, the following list comprises the websites I recommend you see, and if you are convinced, book your rooms now and forget about your lodging worries. Certainly, not everything is in this list, but it is a good start.

Liligo is a Spanish website, but it also offers information about lodging options in every Italian city. As stated by liligo, they will always have the lowest price, because it is a deal search engine rather than a specialized website with expert criticism. Remember to visit it to get an appropriate view of price ranges.

This is the best website of all, because it has photographs, service details, service costs, location maps, a hotel selection for comparison purposes, and interesting spots surrounding every hotel. Plenty of information for a pleasant stay, so you may feel tempted to come back.

Like many specialized websites, it has search filters according to destination and sojourn. Interestingly, it also has a free subscription to newsletters (it forwards detailed information to your email inbox). A bonus is that their brand can be easily remembered.

You must visit for their detailed information about hotels all around Europe. They take pride in offering you the best discounts on tours to the very best Italian attractions.

Its most interesting feature is that it displays a list of hotels according to the selected city. has a mission to guarantee the best lodging for your trip.

It is worth taking a look at this specialized website.
Information can be overwhelming, but do not get carried away by facts and numbers. Your common sense and pocket prevail. It is all about making your adventure trip an enjoyable time, and it should not turn into a terror film nightmare.

Finally, the most important advice of all: if you are looking for the year´s best prices, it is best to book your accomodations well in advance. I wish you good luck and good Italian adventure. Enjoy your trip to the most without overspending.

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