Last modified 10/05/2023

Discovering Usa: how to find cheap hotels in Usa :

Huge metropolises, huge distances, huge rural landscapes and huge urban landscapes. The United States represents immensity. But it also must be one of the few countries with infrastructure for low budget travelers, so go ahead and live the American experience.

In the next lines, we will look at some ways to save money on lodging while on the road, American style: light and low priced. Thank God, people in the United States do know how to live the travel adventure.

To begin with, for obvious space and time limits and because one who is cautious is worth four in the 21st century, manners and advice given here always involve the use of Internet. Remember, Internet is always available whenever you need it, 24 hours a day.

Well, you must first define what you expect form a hotel during your trip to the United States. Some requirements are: number of rooms you will need, dates of your sojourn and, certainly, the maximum amount you are willing to pay. All of this must be identified before you start your travel adventure.

Nevertheless, these are the websites I recommend you visit to explore your options, and if you are convinced by what you see, make the most of their online shopping services.

Here is the list:
It has a user friendly interface which helps select hotels in accordance with the type of service, sojourn dates or number of rooms. An interesting feature is that you can search for flight and car rental deals. This specialized website promises to get you an up to 70% discount on actual market prices.

Liligo is a Spanish website, but it also has lodging information about the United States. According to liligo, they offer you the most affordable options, and in the most simple and clear way. They also find low price flights. It is rather a deal search engine, not a specialized website, but it helps you find bargains in over 5000 cities around the world, so your destination is covered. Remember to visit it.

The ‘s version in Spanish lets you search for hotels or lodging just by entering the city or airport name, along with a specific address. The search can also be sorted based on price preferences. This website stands out because it has an exclusive club with further deals and prizes, called Priority Club. It is worth a visit.

The Latin American version of helps search for low-priced hotels and low-priced hotel plus flight combinations. The results can be sorted by hotel category, in alphabetical order, and by recommendations from the specialized website itself. When you make a choice, you will get a review about the hotel and the services it offers, along with contact information.

Finally, the most important advice of all: if you are looking for the year´s best deals, it is best to book your accomodations well in advance. Travelling off-season secures the best deals. Remember: off-season is when the number of people and prices decrease. The American Way spirit awaits you.

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