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The beginning of a new business is never an easy thing because our future customers do not know we exist, it is for this reason that one of our first priorities is to advertise the company name and brand of our products or services. Companies also face competition so if we want to get known in the market with our products or services we have to make the difference and this can be obtained through innovative ways of advertising.

A great option to keep in mind when offering our products or services as new company is to write an information note and send it to all our potential future customers. This note should be made using language that demonstrates respect and becomes very clear and easy to understand. It should also contain the information of our products and services in addition to the contact information of our company.

To help in writing this kind of notes we bring you two examples that will be helpful.

Example 1 of a business presentation letter:

Bogotá, October 20th, 2013

Distribuidora Computronic SA
980 Las Americas Avenue
Phone 2410210


Carrera 7a No 1430
Barrio Tequendama
Phone 9705438

Mr. Pedro Pablo Coronel
Purchasing Manager

Dear Mr. Coronel:

Receive the kindest regards from Computronic distributor. The purpose of this letter is to introduce to your company as a supplier of computer parts and accessories.

We are a new company that started operations on last September. We have the best and most recognized brands in the market and the best staff and the best guarantee which makes us one of the best options when thinking about a provider.

You can view our website to see our catalog and place orders online or also call our customer service line during office hours from 8 AM 5 P.M.

We have a delivery service directly to your store at no extra cost, as well as a line of credit for our frequent customers.

At your service, we will be glad to meet you orders.

Best regards,

John Pérez

Sales Manager
Distribuidora Computronic SA

Example 2 of a business presentation letter:

Lima, October 10th, 2013

Importer Rodriguez
340 Cardenas Street.
Phone 7804320

Cuzco Varieties
450 Parodi Avenue
Phone 3459010

Dear Sirs:

We, Importer Rodriguez, extend a very attentive greeting. The reason for this is to let you know that our new distribution services are at your disposal.

We are a company with three months on the market and we are dedicated to the import of novelties. Being always at the forefront we are bringing new items that we are sure will have a lot of success in your customers.

Our products are originals directly imported from factory and are made with better materials also undergo the strictest quality controls to give our customers complete satisfaction.

We deliver to Lima and provinces no additional cost. Visit our website to see items from our catalog and inventories. Remember that your inquiries and orders are welcome.

It is our hope that we can be partners.

Best regards,

Alberto Rodríguez

Do not forget to respect the order we have presented you in the previous samples. Make your note more personal finding out the name of the person who will be in charge of the sales in the companies you want to be your customers.

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