Last modified 10/05/2023

How to trace a mobile phone location :

Nowadays, cell phones have become essential for our lives, as they help us start conversations with many people. This service is a step forward in telecommunication systems as a consequence of technological advances.

According to cell phone communication system regulations, the signal a client purchases must be private and cell phone service providers are required to keep limited information about their own clients.

In recent years, the mentioned technology has had a series of changes, which have affected some clients’ networks. The private signals have been disrupted illegitimately by pirate computer operators, who aim to alter the signals to trace the cell phones.

For that reason, there are some companies that create systems capable of tracing the cell phone signal using a satellite. This important project has helped detect the well known computer hackers. This technology was later modified to locate people and places through signals such as GPS and GSM.

To be able to trace a cell phone, you must know all its basic characteristics to trace it through GSM, and the cell phone’s number to detect it using the cell phone service’s satellite signals. In order to trace a cell phone, it must be turned on and the system chip must have the appropriate settings.

In case of loss or theft, all these activities are also done to find the cell phone’s exact location. The satellite tracing mode is used by all cell phone service providers worldwide; however, it is restricted to users who depend on these cell communication services, as the cell signal is open, but it is used privately by every client. Despite all these restrictions, computer pirates are always able to devise software to perform this task with illegal purposes.

Currently, many cell phones have the GPS, which works with a satellite and it is offered to clients to locate many places in the country. Through this signal any place in the world can be found. Even if you have another cell phone’s GPS, you can locate your own very easily.

Thus, satellite signals are the only way to trace a cell phone, and so many thieves are captured. But many of these criminals are very careful to remove the cell phone’s battery or change its chip settings, so as to not be detected by tracers.
Lastly, it is advisable not to give your cell phone number to strangers; it is a fact that thieves use satellite signals, which have detailed information, to kidnap or rip off many people.

Nowadays, cell phone tracing is normal; however, it is also used by delinquents or computer pirates who locate their target and take their belongings away .

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