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Cell phone service started in Peru as a result of fixed phone service. In the beginning, this new phone service was only provided by foreign capitalists, and with time legislative decrees were issued to promote private investment in local, national and international cell phone services.

All phone service providers in Perù  are regulated by Osiptel (Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones), which controls the service quality and standardizes these operators’ actions. The current cell phones service providers in Peru are Claro, Movistar and Nextel.

Movistar has a wide range of products and innovative multimedia services, and also has the latest in cell communication technology such as CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). It is possible to send instant and voice messages, WiFi or wap internet, Movistar dedications, ringtones and Premium chat.

Currently, Movistar has the novelty of email service, and accesses all news in social networks such as Facebook or Hi5 through an instant message without mobile internet. Also, Movistar has launched its new Smartphone equipment with a built-in GPS locator.

Nextel entered in 1998, and its technology can connect up to four types of communication (Nextel direct connection, phone interconnection, instant messaging and internet browser) in a single mobile equipment. It has the direct connection or simply radio service, which helps better communicate with other Nextel users. Its RPM provides excellent communication in speaker or phone modes.

This operator stands out for being preferred by businesses, thanks to its unlimited Nextel to Nextell calls service. Likewise, it provides free instant messaging, Nextel satellite locator, Nextel modem and Nextel Backup services. Nowadays, Nextel is promoting its new business mobile internet service with a flat fee and no cuts.

Lastly, there is Claro, which offers the best in technology, and several services to its clients. This operator provides the WiFi mobile internet service or Wap, instant messaging, voice messaging, and multimedia messaging. Likewise, it provides the radio (RPM) function which is a business favorite. Claro has been offering the best quality service and phones for the best prices, all of which has helped it become the preferred company on the Peruvian market.

However, Movistar and Nextel struggle to neutralize Claro’s preference and best coverage to its clients. It continues providing different special offers to win clients throughout Peru; it has even changed its customer services so they work in languages such as Quechua and Aymara.

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