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The effective and efficient communication to express our ideas or from others, can eliminate the remnants of ignorance, controlling the informality which grows everyday in our society. Thus in each communication specialist, there is a business strategist, who is trained to solve customer problems, with all the obstacles that may arise. In the following article, we show the world of communication and why it should be studied.

First you have to know that the communication sciences are within the social sciences, and conduct studies of communication processes, involving people and media.

This career stems from the emergence of mass media such as newspapers, radio, television and the Internet, which transformed the forms of communication in our society. The communication sciences also allow us to understand the nature of societies and communication processes that take place every day.

To analyze all communication processes that take place in society, science communication, have the following areas of expertise:

– Journalism
– Public Relations
– Social communication
– Image Development
– Digital Media
– Organizational Communication, among others.

The journalists or media professionals are dedicated mainly to the following activities:

– Design internal strategies within an enterprise.
– Perform photo projects, and visual journalism.
– Manage institutional images.
– Develop of content for the public.
– Conduct communication projects in the areas of marketing of corporations.
– Transform and transmit information in a sensitive and persuasive form.

Communication professionals can practice their profession, working in the following environments:

– Journalism, publishing, radio, television, film and digital media.
– Companies that produce shows.
– Public or private companies requiring strengthen its corporate image, to ensure their presence in the market.
– Direction, production and conducting radio and television programs
– Social Networking Manager

Communication sciences, is a good choice as a career, because the professional becomes able to diagnose and solve problems and able to give relevant opinions about problems that occur in our society. Communicators are an important factor in the understanding of the people, they are responsible for promoting culture, generate entertainment and provide information to the public.

Apart from the career of communication sciences, to choose a specialty you have to listen to the vocation of each person, knowing the skills and abilities of each one to make a good decision and to be happy with the decision taken.

We wish this article would have better inform you about this fantastic career and the main reasons you should consider when deciding if studying it or not. Good luck with your decision and remember that the important thing is to love whatever you decide to study.

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