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There is nothing more precious in this world that have the friendship of good people in our lives, no matter what shortcomings have in life since I do not do we need friendship because next to our friends we not only live happy moments, we also receive their help and support and we will do our best to repay them.

In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to find people willing to give a sincere friendship, as most acts of convenience, showing a fake smile that hides selfishness and pride. Therefore you must appreciate and value your good friends by showing your gratitude and will always remember them. Here we bring you a list of texts that you can use to strengthen your friendships with your good friends, then share them via social networks or by any means you like.

Free examples of friendship texts:

– “It’s good to know I have a friend like you who are always by my side to help me in good and bad times. Thank you so much for being like them and the valuable friendship you give up me. “
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– “A friend is one who is always willing to give us their support and does everything in his power to see us happy. You are a very special friend and I thank God for knowing you. “
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– “Why do I want to have a million friends if you is enough? Thank you very much for being so special and for giving me the best gift: your friendship. “
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– “You’re the one who taught me the true meaning of friendship and you have not done with words but with actions. It is a great joy to have a friend like you, who consols me and always wish the best. “
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– “Among all my friends you are the most special because you have become the brother I never had. Sometimes I start thinking about how my life would be if I had not known who would be willing to listen, to share my joys and help me to forget my sorrows; nobody but you dear friend for that I love you so much. “
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– “Every time you make a mistake you motivate to correct me as I have successes are the first to congratulate me. Life is more beautiful because I have your friendship and that is my greatest treasure. “
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– “Every time I fell you’ve been at my side to help me to my feet, when I felt I could not go, you gave me the strength that both required. Dear friend I love you and I’ll always thank you for everything you have done for me. “
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– “I am blessed to have a friend as wonderful as you. When I feel disappointed you give me encouragement and when I feel lost you help me find the way. I hope our friendship will last forever. “
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– “By my life has passed many people, but few ones have managed to stay and one of them is you. My great friend, my confident and my counselor I feel very happy to meet you so I want you to know that I’ll be by your side when you need me. “
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– “Sometimes I feel that everything is very difficult in this life, but you get and make me see the positive side of things. Except you, nobody saw me mourn or open my heart when I felt sad. I thank you for everything and I promise I’ll never away from you. “
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– “Unlike other people who gave me back, you remained with me in the most difficult moments of my life. By your side everything is better because you always manage to cheer me and motivate me, you don’t let me give up. A friend like you is worth gold! “
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Just as true love, sincere friendship is hard to find, so it is so valuable and should be a source of happiness for us to find it and enjoy it. Remember that the texts are effective to express your feelings, so come back anytime to our website.

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