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Every day, organizations are focused on giving their customers the best possible care they can, looking for it to be something special and in the most direct way possible. This is because the companies operate and thrive on customer preference so the most important thing for them is to make their customers feel very satisfied with the service they are offering. This is a standard that must be among the most important ones in every business and especially in those aimed at providing services and not so much on commercial companies or those specialized in production or manufacturing.

When you hire new staff for the company, the main concern of the enterprise is to assess what is the occupational profile of the applicants who are seeking access to a position such as advisor, consulting or as supervisors or managers within the service area, as they will be within the organism that will decide the future of the company. As follows we present you a model of occupational profile you can include in your CV, always emphasizing what your skills within the area of customer care are.


Considering the educational background that I have in the area of marketing and customer service (Fill with relevant information depending on the case), I have a job profile with customer orientation, which represents the principal within any company. Regarding it as the most relevant, I consider having the skills to properly lead the company to achieve satisfying and fix whatever was necessary, considering the needs and the following personal qualities that I have:

• Empathetic: I’m able to put myself in the client’s shoes, since I am aware of where their needs arise from, also of the ways I can meet them and the reasons that may annoy them.
• Support: I count with the necessary skills to support unconditionally and to provide solution to uncertainties or events that require assistance.
• Friendly presence: I ease to establish good relationships with people, offering personalized attention without exceeding the limits of trust, facilitating good communication at all times.
• Exceptional service: Having notions of how important customers are, contact with each one of them must be special, based on their importance to the company.
• Reliability: I am a reliable person, which makes people trust me and feel safe with the assistance I provide them, keeping the best disposition to do so.
• Reinforcement: In addition to trust, I facilitate customers to feel in a safe environment along any process, knowing that they have a real commitment on being assisted.
• Transparency: The way I talk is appropriate for me to make myself clear and in a warm way, which makes it easier for the transmission of accurate information, avoiding misinterpretations, making customers feel comfortable with what they are being offered.
• Positive attitude: Every client is different and that is why it is necessary to assess their demands in a particular way, according to the attitude with which they present them. Primarily, I am a person of integrity and I always have a good disposition to achieve the goals I have and that the company needs me to obtain.

It is for these reasons among others that conform my occupational profile that it is possible for me to have the ability of desiring with much positivity to work in the area of customer service in your company, with the aim of developing myself in the position you are currently requesting. I am very confident in my abilities and skills, which allow me to show what I can do and that represent me without the need of words.

I expect that my presentation has covered your needs; if you require additional information in reference to the information provided, please feel free to request it.

Sincerely yours,

Signature of applicant.

The above is one way to present your skills and abilities, and you can adjust it to your particular situation, depending on which your positive aspects are and, also taking into account the position you’re aiming to get. Remember, above all else, you must always show yourself as you truly are, without any makeup or unnecessary covers.

For a company that provides customer service, this is the most relevant issue when one attends to the public, being transparent. We hope that our advice was good for you and that you’ll use it properly to serve your particular purposes. Come back to our site anytime you want.

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