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On the day we get married, without a doubt, we are making one of the most important elections in our whole lives and it will affect us for the rest of our days. When making this decision, we must consider all the implications that come with it, because from that moment on, the perspective of things that we have will be changed and so will our ideals, the things we do and how we do them.

Most of us go through this, so if you’re thinking about one of your friends who is about to get married and you would love to tell her how happy you are feeling for her, be encouraged to give her this message and see how happy she will be. Here’s an example that we have developed, we recommend that it serves you as a model that you can complete or modify to your liking.

Free list of messages for a friend at her wedding’s day

Dear friend:

You have no idea how happy I feel by knowing that I can call you friend. Throughout our lives we have shared a lot, both good and bad, nothing and no one has been able to separate us and that should be something. The trust we have on each other is endless and we know we will face together all that is to come.

I feel that the happiness inside of me is uncontrollable, you’re getting married! I know you well and I know you’re doing it for love and that it is a decision that you’ve made consciously, which will help you finding true happiness, without a doubt. You’ve been lucky enough to find a good man who knows how to nurture and care for you as you deserve, but above all things, who loves you and who strives every day to get a smile out of you. I know the future that awaits you will be radiant.

From this moment nothing will be the same, today you are laying the first stone of what will be your fate. I could not be happier for you; we both have lived next to each other. Pride fills me completely and I know that our friendship will be everlasting; I will always accompany you and help as necessary. The most important thing for me is that you’re happy.

The Lord has guided you properly, ensuring that you meet your better half, a man who gives you the place that you deserve and that makes you feel royal every day of your life. I am confident that he will make you happy and I pray that our Lord will always keep you be under His mantle of love and care, filling your life with joy and happiness.

I hope that the decisions you make will make you two grow together, developing more and being happier. I want to ask you to always listen, respect and above all, love each other, because that is how a good life is achieved. Never let distrust flood your relationship, but make it shine every day, surrounded at all times of things that give you joy and peace. Do not let your dreams slip away, find the girl who lives in you and cherish it very much. Remember what we dream of as children and stick to it.

What awaits you is magnificent and you can finally feel on your fingers it is the reality, that your dreams have come true. Do not waste another minute, always be happy and share the happiness you have with those around you. Try to be faithful to your partner, but most of all to yourself, because being married does not mean you have to lose yourself in the other, but grow together, as individuals. May God always bless you, dear friend.

I know I do not have to say it, but you can count on me for anything you want whenever you want it, because I will be with you for a lifetime, to accompany you, listen, laugh and mourn if we must. I wish you, above all, true laughter.

May you have the best life; I will always be with you. If you see me crying, is a mixture of happiness and sadness, you’re leaving my side, but I know that we will be together. A thousands kisses for you.

The happiness that your friend will feel when reading your words will be genuine and eternal. Her marriage is very important and also to be with her to celebrate it together. Be the best of friends.

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