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Every time you install a new device on your computer, be it a video card, a printer or a new camera, you need to run a program that contains device drivers and usually comes on a CD. Also your computer has a CD of drivers that serve to function properly.

But it is common that we lose the Driver CD so in case we need to format our computer, we will have trouble getting it to work properly and then we have to do a tedious web search to find those missing drivers and can return to use your computer as you did before formatting. The same can happen when you upgrade your operating system and your computer drivers are not compatible with it.

If you are in this situation what you need first is a software that will tell you what drivers you need to install on your computer and then to download and install. Here we recommend some useful programs to find them, download and install the drivers that are needed.

3DP Chip

3DP Chip is powerful software that will be very useful to find the drivers that are missing from your computer. Once you run it, it will check your computer and will show the results of analysis, additionally will give you a link where you can go to download the drivers from a place of confidence.

One of the main benefits of using this program is that you will be sure you are downloading the latest driver that exists in the network and of course compatible with multiple operating systems. If you want more information and to download this program you can enter the web site


DriverEasy is a program that will facilitate the search for your missing drivers. Once you have it installed you can run it to check all components of your computer and see the links where you can download the necessary drivers.

One advantage of this program is that it gives you the option to use the direct download and will handle the Internet download drivers by itself. It also has the ability to show which of your installed drivers can upgrade for a better performance of your computer. To download it you can enter

Driver Genius

Driver Genius is definitely one of the best options for drivers search is concerned. Once you install and run it you will see that there is an upgrade option whereby all computer components will be checked to see what drivers are needed and which can be updated.

The great advantage that presents this program is that it has an option to create a backup of all the drivers currently installed on your computer so you will not have to download them from the Internet if you have to reformat your computer. To learn more about this program and start using it you can enter

Use some of these programs that we have mentioned and find these drivers that you have been looking for and not only that, you can update the previous drivers you had before for your computer to run as its best.

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