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Companies wishing to successfully enter the market have to make use of different communication tools to reach their target audience. Advertising that is transmitted through the tv or online are an option for companies to showcase their products and / or services.

But when a commercial company wants to advertise themselves to another company, it is best to do so through a letter presenting all the important information related to the company and to make known what are its main products and / or services.

In this article we present two examples of letters to present to a commercial company. These documents can be sent by emails also.

Example No. 1 of a company’s presentation letter:

Food Industries SAC
No 2930 Independence Avenue
Tel 4881 2509

Dear Messrs.

Through this, the company Food Industries SAC is presented to the Recreation Center “Relax” to offer as the major suppliers of snacks at different recreation centers.

The products of Food Industries SAC are prepared with selected ingredients and preparation meets the highest standards of quality. Our company is also in charge of transport and distribution of such foods.

At present, we are in our product promotional campaign, which has been well accepted by our customers. The new products that have been most welcome are organic cereals and chocolate-covered with almonds.

If you have any questions about prices and delivery terms please write to our email address or call our phones where we will gladly assist you.

Best Regards

Food Industries SAC

Example No. 2 of a company’s presentation letter:

Pacific Textiles SA
El Prado n ° 419 Avenue
Tel 938 4716

Dear Messrs.

Hereby, Pacific Textiles SA Company communicates with the Human Resources area from M & A Group:

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of uniforms for companies and schools. We have 15 years of presence in the country. Today we have as our customers the network of clinics and hospitals in the country and the largest training schools of the city.

We offer quality products, made with the best fabrics and the customer. We seek to provide the most competitive prices, ensuring an excellent final product.

You can visit our website: where you can find out more about our product lines and learn more about our vision, mission and values.

In case you have any questions or queries please contact us calling to our telephone number or through this medium.


Pacific Textiles SA

As you noticed in the couple of examples of letter to present to a commercial company you should start talking about the business information and content must describe the activities performed.

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