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When we are working in a company we strive to meet all the commitments which have been requested by our employers, however it is inevitable that one day we make a mistake or an error in our workplace.

That’s when we receive a verbal warning from our immediate supervisor, if the mistake was not very serious or is the first time it happens a letter should be enough, in case of having committed a serious or repetitive mistake, it can pass to other offices.

These reprimands or memoranda are formal documents of the company and from internal typing. In this article we bring you three examples of letters to call the attention, which you can customize and use.

Example 1 of a letter to call attention at work:

Buenos Aires, June 15th, 2013

Jaime Muñoz Paéz
Operator – Assembly Area
Employee Code: 20874520
Reason: Call of attention

Through this we turn to you, Mr. Muñoz, operator of the assembly area, to bring to your attention the following.

In our company we have implemented an electronic check-in and departure, which is activated by the fingerprint. Reviewing income and outings of the company, we have noticed some missing income records, also as output.

Therefore please note that by placing your mark on the machine you must wait for confirmation of the system to know that your finger can be removed and if your registry is not able to perform, you must repeat the procedure. If you encounter a problem, you should immediately report it to the human resources area.

Also we want to remind you the commitment you have as an employee of the company which has a special focus on the strict adherence to work schedules, whose faults are stipulated in our work rules.

No other additional,

Mayra Bernal
Head of HR

Example 2 of a letter to call attention at work:

La Paz, July 10th, 2013

Inés Martínez
Employee – Packing Area
Cod. Employee : 34876
Subject: Third cumulative delay

We get in touch with you Ms Martin, through this document to communicate the measures to be taken due to the following offense.

You acknowledge that our work schedule starts at 7AM and ends at 5 PM from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 8AM to 12 M. According to the report from last June we were able to identify four delays on your assistance schedule.

As stated in our rules of work, the employee who accumulatess three or more delays within one month will be assessed to a financial penalty corresponding to a discount in pay of 5 hours worked. For this reason you will see the appropriate discount to the sanction reflected on your sales receipt,

We also remind you that this failure should not be repeated, as it may be considered as a valid reason for terminating your services. We invite you to take appropriate action for not doing so.


Diego Palacios Díaz
Head of HR

Example 3 of a letter to call attention at work:

Cali , May 2nd, 2013

Protex & Gamba
Ricardo Rosas
Cod. employee 956
Subject: Damaged Products

Mr. Rosas:

Receive a warm greeting from our human resources office.

We extend this letter as a warning due to the incident of yesterday morning . We were informed that due to a mistake you made in the sealing machine operation, 200 units of Mego shampoo were lost.

This type of failure is in detrimental to the company and should not be repeated or will be considered a reason for dismissal. We are aware that during production there are failed products, but there are large-scale errors caused by human error which can not be allowed.

We hope you can take the appropriate action.


Diana Pardo
HR Department
Protex and Gamba

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