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England is one of the strongest countries in Europe and one of the nations that has not been as battered by the global economic crisis. Unlike other European countries, England is one of the countries that offer work to people of other nations. For example, for Latin Americans, there are a variety of specific jobs that are highly paid.

Apart from all the documentation that a Latin American must possess in order to work in this country, as are the visas, employment certificates and language, it is necessary that before venturing on a trip, you can find for jobs where you feel right and comfortable. For this purpose you should enter to specialized web portals such as:


This is a site specialized in finding work for Latin Americans living in England. Once you enter it, you will see all available job vacancies, as well as the necessary requirements that the interested people must take in count for their application.

As this is a website dedicated to Latin American migrants, you will notice that that the job offers are adjusted according to the skills, professional and English language proficiency of Latin Americans. For more information visit the website


It is a website whose purpose is to report on the different job opportunities, as also the requirements for immigrants who are looking for a job within nations that are part of the United Kingdom.

When you have completed your registration on this page have listings of available job opportunities in which Latin American can apply. For further information please visit the web

According to official statistics, the jobs in which more Latin Americans are required are related to the technicians and unskilled labor fields. In England, more than 75% of workers in those fields are Latin American.

Regarding technical bids for which most Latin Americans are wanted the most, we have:

Technical automotive:

automotive industry covers a wide range of exports from England. These technicians are indispensable in all automotive assembly plants locating in England.


virtually every industry in England require electricians and currently there is a shortage of national technical offer which makes this sector one of the best for Latin Americans trained in this area.

Maintenance Technician:

like the above, most British industries require these. The industry that demands the major quantity of these technicians is the oil extraction, which the most companies are located in the North Sea.

In the field of unskilled labor, it is worth to note that the Latin American work force constitutes the 80% in case of women who work majority as housewives and 60% in case of men working predominantly in the agricultural sector.

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