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In recent times we have seen that Australia has risen to become one of the countries preferred by professionals of diverse nationalities.

According to statistics provided to us by the department of immigration in this country, we see that nearly 350,000 practitioners have come to Australia in the past two years to work in their professions, mostly from Europe.

Work in Australia is a wonderful experience that will impact not only professionally, but economically if the profession in which you labor has enough demand in the country. Then show the required professions in Australia.

Architecture and Design

All careers, both technical professionals in the field of architecture and design, are in high demand in Australia. The basic requirement to work in this field is to have a bachelor’s degree and have two years of experience. Most of the demand is concentrated in the major cities of Australia.

Environmental Engineering

Australia is a developed nation and the impact of its increasing industries located within the country may have a general concern in the environment. Therefore environmental engineers are sought for both, private and public companies.

Agricultural Engineering

The agriculture sector is a major source of jobs for both national and foreign people, and represents 3% of GDP. Hence it’s important to notice the need to have trained agronomists with verifiable experience.

Systems and Software Engineering

The software systems Engineers are required by most Australian businesses and industries as this country has a high technological development and the networking is quite advanced, such as systems engineers, software development engineers and technicians related to this field are required the same.

Advertising and Marketing

The Australian market is very demanding and therefore marketing strategies should be successful. For that reason, prestigious companies as well as those barely being implemented, request the services of professionals in advertising and marketing. Notably, the increased demand focuses on cities with the most dynamic business sector such as Melbourne and Sydney.


Australia’s tourism industry has grown rapidly over the last decade rising to become one of the most productive activities, for that reason the demand for professionals in the field of hospitality and tourism has increased every year. It is noteworthy that most sought professionals in this field are the managers of hotels, professional tour guides and translators.


This is another major sector of Australia which requires professionals in the field of chemical, petrochemical and everything related to the extraction of raw materials. This sector represents 5% of the GDP of the southern nation.


This is one of the most revolutionary sectors today and has a great impact on the agricultural context, pharmacists and doctors. Professionals in this field are required to design products and systems to ensure the preservation, production and improvement of various natural products. The companies that require these professionals are the pharmaceutical and agricultural ones.

So, we conclude this article which presented the most demanded professions in Australia. For more general information about other professions, you can enter the page

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