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Dubai is one of the countries of the United Arab Emirates and it is characterized for being a rich and prosperous nation and also for having the most modern and innovative infrastructure in the world.

Regarding health, hospitals and clinics are not far behind and have some of the best facilities and state of the art medical equipment, and are also seeking for the best professionals in all fields of medicine.

All professionals working in Dubai receive excellent remuneration in the best working conditions, but to be able to perform their work, they must meet certain requirements.

Dubai is in deficit of some specialists in the field of medicine, such as plastic surgeons and specialists in cardiology, for this reason it has developed programs for working visas for medical professionals in these and other fields. Up next we will tell you in more detail how you can get a job in Dubai as a doctor.


All professionals who work in this Arab country are renowned for being the best in their respective fields and having a great experience. Among the requirements established by the government of Dubai to practice medicine in clinics and hospitals in this country we can find:

– Have a valid work visa.
– Have a complete mastery of the English language.
– Have the appropriate license to practice medicine, issued by the health department of Dubai.
– Perform a specialty of medicine that is required by the government.
– Some health centers have established a requirement for medical professionals who will be working for them to have a postgraduate diploma.
– Have experience of more than three years practicing medicine in any country.
– Have no law history in your background.

Hospitals and Clinics

All hospitals and clinics that exist in Dubai have modern, comprehensive and innovative infrastructure in addition to state of the art medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. At an international level, the following medical centers stand out:

– American Hospital Dubai.
– Al-Zahra Medical Centre.
– Al Dowali International Private Hospital.
– Advanced Radiology Centre.
– Al Montazah Medical Clinic.


The option of getting a job in Dubai is bigger if you have a specialty and even more, if your specialty is in a field required by the government to cover the deficit. Among the specializations required we can find:

– Plastic surgery.
– Cardiology.
– Dermatology.
– Oncology.
– Neurosurgery.
– Neurology.
– Ophthalmology.


The salary is, perhaps, the most appealing aspect to decide to work in Dubai, as it is one of the best worldwide. All payment is by working hours and medical professionals can expect to earn between € 50 and € 60 per hour. The work schedule is eight hours a day, six days a week. If required, hours can be extended.

Advantages of working in Dubai

All foreign professionals who will work in Dubai have an employment contract for a year, after this period of time, the contract can be renewed if the hospital or clinic decides to do so. If the employment contract is renewed, the working visa will be renewed as well and so will the payment, which will increase by 30%.

If you want to see the latest job openings for attending physicians in Dubai, then you should visit the following website:

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