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If you have successfully completed the nursing career and are looking for a new and better employment horizon, then an excellent option you have is to work as a nurse in Dubai. Dubai is an Arab nation with a very stable economy and great wealth due to oil revenues.

This nation is characterized by having one of the best infrastructures in the world in all fields and health is no exception. It has modern hospitals and clinics, and they count with the best equipment and the most qualified professionals to serve patients from all over the world.

Due to the quality of medical services offered by this nation, there is an increasing demand for foreign nurses and doctors to cover the working places offered in this nation. Up ahead we will tell you the requirements you would have to meet and the benefits you would have for working in this nation.

Requirements you must meet

Dubai Immigration authorities and medical centers have established a series of requirements that must be met if you want to practice nursing in this country. Among them are the following:

– Have a broad domain of the English language, as it is the language used by all professionals in the medical centers.
– Have a degree in the field of nursing.
– Certify at least one year of experience as a nurse.
– Have a valid work visa.
– Be under 35 years of age.
– Do not have a legal background.
– If required, an internship for six months to validate the title.

Hospitals and Clinics

Working in Dubai is a great experience both in the personal level and in the professional level since the health centers of this country have the most complete and modern state of the art medical equipment in addition to the most qualified and suitable staff.

In the past decade the clinics that count with the specialty of plastic surgery and physiotherapy have had tremendous growth and they are the best chance of being hired.


If you have a specialty in the nursing field then you can expect to receive a salary greater than the average.
The most requested specialties are physical therapy, first aid and assistance in operating room.


The salary that a nurse receives in Dubai makes working in this nation is an excellent choice in the economic field. Any payment in this nation is done per hour worked and in the case of a nurse compensation can be € 25, working six hours per day and five days a week.

If you have a specialty, then you payment may increase to € 30 per hour. All the medical staff working in Dubai has the benefits provided by the law as well as lodging offered by the workplace while you are working.

All contracts in this nation are for the term of one year, but it may be renewed by the work center with a good salary increase. This way you can get a one year extension of your working visa.

To view all the available job openings in this nation you can access the webpage at: or at: and apply to the different job offers offered in them.

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