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The most efficient way to achieve goals in the workplace is when the hard work and dedication of individuals come together in a working group. One of the keys to success for the largest companies is to gather your employees within a work team for common goals.

It is normal within a team to find individuals with marked differences such as different grades and different academic experiences; however it is important to manage them to complement and unite in a single goal.

It is also usual that in a working group, and given certain difficulties, begin to arise problems at the level of communication among its members, repetitive faults of some of its members and several others, those can be the main source of a group instability.

But how do you make a team to play in a way is correct? This article will tell you some of the keys to achieving this goal.

Solidarity and fellowship

Here we have the essence of teamwork. When each and every one of its members is willing and committed to help each other, fulfilling the goals set becomes more possible.

Within the group members who have less experience than what others have, they feel safer when more experienced members are patient and offer their assistance.

When for any reason of majeure force one of the team members must be absent, others must be ready, as far as possible, to perform the work of this in order that work can continue and not stagnate.

In this way, the solidarity and camaraderie of all, make every goal become achieved to reach the most efficient way possible.

High level of communication

It is the key to success of a team, given that achieving the unity of the group depends necessarily on the constant and continuous communication of all members sharing their opinions, solutions and ways of dealing with a particular topic.

Open communication helps ideas to be included in the best way and help also the team members to know each other better.

Be willing to share

It is essential that each and every one of the team members have the willingness to share their knowledge and experience both as materials, equipment and tools used on the job.

The experience of each of the members is essential when overcoming obstacles and therefore must be shared, to enrich the group.

An order in all things

Maintaining order is essential for a properly functioning team.

In any team should be a leader who is usually the person who has more experience in the area and their primary duty is addressed to the group by assigning different tasks that each member must carry out and it is the duty of others group members to obey that order, in the most coordinated way possible. In this way, goals are easier to achieve.


Every one of us is different and that because we each have differences in customs, beliefs and social groups, so it is essential that all members of a team can understand that despite these differences, all are equal within the group and the only difference that must be taken into account are the roles and responsibilities that each has with the group.

Participation of all

Once a team embarks on the adventure of developing a complex task will be inevitable that some problems that must be faced by every one of the members.

It is not correct that there is one member who wants to enforce his leadership, although this person is the leader, as in this way this behavior should be playing a contrary role to the unity of the group.

For this reason the person in charge of leading the group should listen carefully to the ideas that each of its members have to become in a general consensus and he can choose the most appropriate option for the group.

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