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The curriculum is a vital document during your job search, taken in great consideration for you to be taken into account and called for an interview upon presentation and information you have provided on this.

One thing you must not forget to place on your CV and which will help, is your goals in the workplace. Then we will give you several tips that will be of great help in writing your career goals.

To start you must consider the company to which you apply, also like the position to which you aspire and do a little research on the Internet to learn more about what you would do into the business. With this information you can start making your career goals toward the activities undertaken and the business of the company.

When describing your career goals which you have to consider clearly which of them are short-term oriented and which are aimed at medium and long term.

The short term goals will help you to show to the employer your immediate interest once you are in the company, while the targets in the medium and long term make you look like a serious employee who wants job security.

Now we will give some tips to keep in mind to write your career goals. Do not forget these can set you apart from other applicants and give you an advantage in the selection process.

– If you keep in mind several goals in the workplace must choose the two most important and never overdo it by placing more than three.

– If you have not decided on the goals you are going to include you can see which are the most compatible with the objectives of the company to which postulate.

– Do not expand too much when describing your goals, be as short and direct as possible.

– If you make mention of your experience or your main goals achieved mention them, but leave the space to focus on those ones related to the company goals.

– It may be necessary to include the name of your career or profession to describe your career goals.

– If you want to reach a given position in the organization, mention it.

– Choose realistic goals and do not say things are impossible to achieve with the intention to impress.

Finally we will give some examples of work goals to give you an idea of how to write them. You can also choose one, customize it and add it to your resume.

:: “As a nurse I have it very clear that I am committed to the patients and their speedy recovery, for that reason I wish to gain more experience to provide a better service every day”
:: “My main goal is to take over as Chief of Staff because I have a wide experience in that position in addition to the required social skills”.
:: “I want to be part of a company committed to its customers in providing quality service to improve more every day, as I share these same goals in the workplace”

Your business objectives will say a lot about your intentions once you are hired. So you must be very careful to describe them.

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