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When a company is expanding, hiring new staff is essential and a good way to reduce costs by wage payments is to give an opportunity to young talents who are finishing their college technical studies, to conduct their business practices.

The best way to recruit practitioners is through an application letter addressed to the University or College Practitioners with which you want to make an internship agreement.

One thing to consider is that practitioners should receive the necessary training by experienced personnel to perform functions related to their careers.

In this article we bring you two examples of letter for Practitioners requesting.

Sample 1 of an internship request sample letter:

Santiago, August 15th, 2013

Textiles Chiltex
450Emancipation Av
Phone 4502856

Higher Institute Financial
Accounting Area
408 Avenue of the sea
Phone 4208057

Yours sincerely:

By this letter we, Ltda Chiltex, are formally introduced to your Institution for the next request.

Our company is nationally recognized as a leader in the field of garment manufacturing and we are expanding, therefore opening new branches in major cities in our country, reason for which we are looking for new talent to conform our staff.

That is why we are writing to you to inform you that we have five vacancies for practitioners for the accounting.

We are committed to the training of new professionals in our nation and we are ready to provide the facilities so that practitioners can make a successful work in our company and gain the necessary experience to enter the workforce.

We want to give to your best students the opportunity to improve in his / her career, so we open this request. We appreciate the care provided for you.


Paola Gutierrez
Office of Human Resources
Chiltex Ltd.

Sample 2 of an internship request sample letter:

Lima, November 20th, 2013

Lima Cashbox
780 Capac Av
Phone 98703450

University of the Andes
School of Management

In our consideration:

Receive a kind greet from the Human Resources Office Lima Cashbox. We are a lender with over three years experience in supporting small and medium enterprises.

We went to the Faculty of Management at this prestigious University to establish an agreement with you to ask for 10 practitioners of Business Administration career to serve as credit evaluators.

We recognize the quality of graduates from your institution and this is why we want to have your practitioners within our payroll. For our part we will provide every facility for practitioners to carry out their work and the job experience necessary in addition to recognize their basic pay.

We want to start an evaluation process in order to have more qualified practitioners at our institution.

Looking forward to your kind reply,


Eduardo Peña
Head of Human Resources
Lima Cashbox

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