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Your resume will be your main ally in the search for a job and for that reason you must consider what kind of information you have to mention on it. For starters, you must focus on your working experience and your academic formation in a way that you gain the employer’s or the evaluator’s attention.

All curriculums should have a heading in which you display your professional profile and on this study you should make a brief description of your skills and experience in the working area you are dedicated to. Up ahead we will show you how to write your profile on your resume.

General Information

When you write your professional profile you must mention certain features such as your profession you are currently dedicated to, the number of years of experience you have and especially what are your main qualities. Do not forget to make a short but concise description, as in the other sections of your resume you will give more specific information about your working experience and academic formation.


Do not forget that you need to express yourself in a clear and simple way and that you should not give too much information on any of the section of your resume.

The employer or the person responsible for making the selection will only be interested on some basic information and if they get a very extensive curriculum with too much information, they may lose interest in it. As for your professional profile, do not use more than four sentences. The perfect part to place your profile is on the initial part, under your picture or after your personal data.

Relevant data

You may have more than one profession and taken a great number studies and be specialized in many different fields, but when you write your resume, you should only mention the information which will be key for the job opening you are applying for.

To give you an example, if you require a person who has more than five years of experience in your field, it is important that you mention that in your profile, but consider that you will mention many more details in the professional experience area.

Use an appropriate language

Your writing will say a lot about you and if you are a professional with communication skills or not, so you should demonstrate that on your resume. Do not forget that this is the part of your profile to which the employer will give a thorough inspection to, therefore you must show that you master all the skills you mention there.

Font, size, and other considerations

Any formal document you write should have the same type of font. And in the case of resumes, the font Arial size 10 is usually recommended. Paragraphs should be justified but some sections, such as the profile, can be aligned at the top center.

Now we bring you two examples of professional resumes to give you an idea:

:: “I am a business manager with five years of experience in textile companies whose target object market is overseas. My main qualities are leadership and the delegation of functions when working in teams as I believe that this way of working is the key to the success of any organization”.
:: “I am a chemical engineer with a specialization in pharmacology, I have 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical companies in which I stood out for my knowledge in all the processes involved in the production of medicines”.

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