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Perhaps you have realized that the relationship you currently have with your boyfriend has changed and is no longer as wonderful as it used to be when you first started dating. In many relationships, as time passes, love often cools down and your partner may become distant from you.

If this is happening to you, something you can do is to make them reconsider using a phrase that touches their heart strongly and makes them see how valuable you are as a woman. Use some of the phrases that we offer you below and post them on your wall or send it via Whatsapp. You will see that you will make them reflect upon their actions.

Free list of messages for a boyfriend:

– “You do not treat me the same as you treated me before, even sometimes I feel that you treat me more like a friend, you know that I give all my heart and all my love to you, so please tell me if you do not want to be with me anymore.”
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– “I remember that you used to hold my hand as we walked down the street, but now it seems that it embarrasses you, so tell me if you do not love me as before.”
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– “I definitely realize that our love is growing cold because your personality has completely changed, I think that you fooled me just so I would be by your side. Please tell me the truth.”
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– “You did even the impossible to gain my love but now that you think you have my love you are not even doing the minimum effort to woo me to fall in love with you, so tell me if I am not worth anything to you.”
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– ” You once told me that I was the happiness of your life but now I feel as if I were a burden to you, and on second thought, I better step aside for you to carry on with your life.”
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– “I thought I saw in you my prince charming, but now it seems that this story is coming to an end, every time you walk further away from me and there are even days when I do not see you, come and tell me if you still want me.”
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– “Hello, it is me, your girlfriend, remember me? Well sometimes I think you do not, because every time I try to help you, it seems as if I bothered you. If you do not need me, be brave and tell me so.”
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– “I feel that I have done even the impossible to show you that my love for you is sincere, but you do not know how to appreciate me or appreciate everything I do for you, this is your last chance to show me that you really love me.”
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– “When you asked me to be your partner, you said you would change everything I do not like about you, but you have not done the least effort to achieve this, then it must be that I am not worthy for you.”
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– “You no longer treat me with the same love you used to when you tried to win my love, well then let me tell you that love has to be taken care of and encouraged every day, if not it dies.”
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Use any of these phrases to make your boyfriend think things through and if he really loves you, he will realize his mistake and make every effort to conquer you back.

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