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facebook,social network,cool social networkFacebook: Its History and What It Can Do

Its 600 million users make Facebook the largest social network in the world, considering the number of its registered users.

In this social network, user can do many things like chat, share photos, send messages, play many games and more.

The first step to be part of this big communications network is register with our electronic mail address, enter our personal information, attach your photograph, and you are registered and you can contact all your friends that are connected to the network.

Facebook has its origins in the United States and initially people in the network communicated in English.

In the present, you can access Facebook in many countries and in several languages. In this report you will know Facebook’s history and all it can do in today’s world.


In February 2004, there was a Harvard University student called Mark Zuckerberg, who designed the Facebook social network as a pastime.

He wanted students in that university to share their pictures and information in the network, and so they could know each other.

Facebook’s effect was so big that 6 months later more than half of students in Harvard and other very important American universities had registered in that social network.

In the first months of 2005, Facebook had over a million registered users and its headquarters were in Palo Altao, California.
Later that same year, high school students and university students overseas also registered, and there were approximately seven million members.

In 2006 Facebook arrives in Israel, Germany and India. That same year, it opens up to become a social network to which any internet user can access.

In October 2007, Facebook sales its shares, and Microsoft buys 1.6 of them for 240 million dollars.

The Spanish Facebook version was born in 2008. From 2009 to 2010 Facebook grows exorbitantly, and it goes from 350 million to 500 million users in approximately 70 languages.

The movie “The Social Network”. was based on Facebook’s history and inspired on its success and unstoppable growth. Now in 2011 it has an estimated 600 million users.


Facebook can be used in several ways. Besides contacting your friends, you can create or join a group with common interests like sports, music, movies and others. If you want to communicate in real time, you can chat.

Also, you can post a message in your friends’ walls using emoticons or drawings (winks) and including Youtube videos. In Facebook you can publish events and find out who will attend and who will not.

The Facebook network has a bar that displays people you might know so you can include them in your account, and you can also control who you do not want to be your network friends.

It is all part of what Facebook can do for you. If you want to find out more and enter the most popular social network in the world, visit

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