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Probably there are no more beautiful moments for us than those in which we experience love, and when we live it at ease. When we walk hand in hand and we know that nothing will happen to us as long as that hand is still holding ours, as long as those eyes keep looking and watching us with love and as long as words of love and kisses come out of that mouth.

Unfortunately, as in all human relationships, there will always be problems and it will depend on the people for these to be resolved in the best way possible. Sometimes the difficulties become so great that perhaps one of them thinks that they cannot be overcome and it would be best to end the relationship and that each would be better if left on their own to find their own way.

It may be that these decisions were made in desperate times and that they were not really what both of them wanted and then they realized the big mistake they had made. Now that it has been a while for you too, you might want to change your destiny and fight for that person; if so, we recommend you to read the letter examples we have written for you that you can find on the lines below, we believe they can be of much help to you.

Free example 1 of an apology love letter:

Dear sweetie,

You have no idea how lonely I feel since we broke up. It is as if nothing was the same and all the colors seem gray, the food tastes like nothing, I do not laugh as before, like what I only desired with the happiness you gave me. I long to feel your kisses all over my skin, to feel your touch work wonders on me, I strange to feel your little heart beating on mine and knowing that those beats were for me and mine were for you, my love.

I feel a shortness of breath, like as if I were drowning and there was no solution and that the only one that can put an end to this torment is you if you give me another chance and the possibility to be happy again. Nobody makes me as happy as you and I know that I can give you everything you need if you just let me try, I know you will not regret it, I swear by all that is holy in this world.

Here I am begging and I hope you can reconsider, I will be patient and I will be waiting for your answer with my heart in my hands, so please think again, do not leave me like this, do not let all that we had built die.

I love you

Free example 2 of an apology love letter:

My life,

You are probably forgetting about me, but the truth is that I will keep waiting. I have not tried to move on, because in me lives the hope that one day you will realize that the best thing we had was when we were together.

I want you to know that these are the pleas of a desperate man who loves you more than anyone and who is willing to do whatever it takes to regain the love he let slip through his fingers. Having you in my life was the most amazing thing that happened to me and I cannot get over the fact that I was a fool, that I did not give you the time that I should have given you, that I took you as something that belonged to me and that I did not feed our relationship as I should have.

I deeply regret that I did not kiss you every night before going to sleep and that I did not tell you that I loved you, because I love you, I love you like nothing else. Now I am different and I think I am better, so I dare to write these lines to you to tell you that I adore you and that you please let me into your life again, I swear by God’s sake that I will not let you down again. I have learned my lesson and I love you dearly.

It will not be an easy task to recover the lost relationship, but definitely, if you think it is worth the try, you should do it. Do not let a misunderstanding or a mistake ruin something beautiful. Best of luck.

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