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Every time someone sends a message to someone else’s phone, they want to have an answer as quickly as possible, but sometimes it happens that many hours go by and there is no answer from the other person and by the time they answer us back, they tell a thousand stories to be excused.

It is not good to let the other person that took the time to send us a text message waiting, so it is best if we apologize for the delay. Therefore, on the lines below we offer you some tips that may help you so that the other person does not feel bad for not having an immediate answer.

Free examples of beautiful apology texts:

– “I apologize for not replying in time, my day was very difficult, at the end I did not feel very well and I took a rest and threw the phone out there. I hope you understand. Take care of yourself. Goodbye”
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– “Hopefully you will not find yourself annoyed over the fact I did not answer your message quickly. I left my phone on my bed. But do not worry, today after work I will reward you. Hugs and kisses, see you soon. “
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– “I just saw your text, I am so sorry, I left my phone in the drawer and I went out to run some paperwork. Hopefully you are not upset or are imagining anything bad. I will hopefully see you soon. A hug. “
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– “Do not get mad because I did not answer your message in time, it arrived when I was in a meeting and I did not see it in time. Another day I will tell you in advance if I have a meeting. Talk to you soon. “
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– “I hope you are not upset with me for not answering your message in time, my phone ran out of battery and at the office there was no electricity. See you at the usual place. I love you. “
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– “Do not think that I did not wanted to answer you, if we were going so well talking about thousands of interesting things. We will talk later, hope you have a nice day. A kiss.”
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– “My life, I am sorry if I did not answer your message in time, it was because I had a family problem; I will talk to you later to tell you what happened. I love you with all my soul. Kisses. “
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– “You do not know what happened, I just finished my classes in college and my phone was turned off, the battery died, please write me to Facebook to plan our party.”
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– “What an inconvenient time to finish work, please forgive me. I went out too fast and I did not realize if my phone was turned on. Tell me how it went, I cannot wait to hear from you. “
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– “I wanted to keep talking to you but I had to go to college and there are no cellphones allowed there. So now it is your time to tell me how you have been these days, you know I have missed you very much. “
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– “I did not check my cellphone at all because I started studying for my exam tomorrow, now that I check it, I see I have many posts from you, please do not be upset, ok? Tell me at what time I will see you tomorrow so that you can tell me how it went. “
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We hope you can reply with one of the texts that we have left you here, to that person who is always thinking of you and writing you. Good luck.

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