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The work opportunities of an architect are linked to a good state of real estate or construction. Hence, a recession in the construction sector not only reduces the demand of enterprises for labor, but also represents the lost of work places for these professionals.

Given this situation, many architects have decided to leave their home country to seek better opportunities. If you are thinking about doing the same, this article will help, since you mention the places you could go as an architect.

First, you should know that in some countries it will not be so simple to practice the profession, and that the legislation could require documents or papers certifying that you are qualified to practice.

Despite this, the trend of professionals to leave the country has been increased. The recipients of these talents are mainly the United States, Australia and England.

The real state sector in many countries is in crises and has led to many professional architects to continue their life job in other countries. However, the dynamism of the economy is the responsible for the change of destination for these professionals.

Today, architects seek countries with high real estate activity which is not necessarily concentrated in a single continent. They are not necessarily developed countries, but they are the ones requiring real estate development for the development of the national economy.

Here is the list:

United Arab Emirates

The monthly salary range of architects in this peninsula goes 5000-40000 dirhams, its official currency. In this country is highly valued the expertise and experience developed by the professional. Although it is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula, the dominance of English is important.


This Nordic country situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea has a serious deficit of architects so the demand is high and the working conditions are good. Some of them are working 7.5 hours daily, five weeks of vacation a year and a disadvantage for many is that it is important to master the Norwegian at a medium to high level if you want to attain higher salaries.


It is a country in Central Europe that is betting on changes in many of its cities which certainly is a wide scope for an architect. However, if you want to stay more than three months you must apply for a residence and also learn Polish which would help you adapt better.


It is one of the countries with deficit of these professionals, Germany constantly requires specialists who are part of the production chain. This powerful country has a shortage of qualified personnel that could adversely affect the growth rate of 3.6% of its economy. Mastering German would open many doors to job growth.

Finally, we consider important to know the professional profile which is looked for: Specialist, 25 to 35, with no family obligations. Other countries that might seem interesting to practice this profession are Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, China, Southeast Asia, among others. To learn more you can go to the site:, where you would find experiences of other architects around the world.

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