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Before, It would have imagine that the communications would have reached where it is today, working efficiently and keeping in touch, without the need to be physically with our friends or family.

Telecommunications technology has grown tremendously and has come to occupy almost essential part in our lives, as it involves more everyday actions. Today the use of technology allows us to perform many everyday actions without having to be physically in a certain place.

Mainly due to the presence of the Internet, things like recharging a cell become easier and faster just moving your fingers. In this article you will
learn what to do to recharge a cell of Cuba from abroad.

Now you have more options to surprise your family and friends. You can recharge their mobile wherever you are. You have just to enter basic information such as phone number and amount to be charged, since payment is online.

This has allowed many Cubans access to the facility to recharge their phones, which had become more expensive on the island because of the socioeconomic status.

Below it is a list of the most visited websites for Cuba’s mobiles recharge, not necessarily following a specific order:

(Available at:

This site is useful to recharge phones with prepaid fee only. By placing the amount required, it will be obtained in the mobile balance target, but it will be in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC)


(Check it out here:

To use this service you need to register for free. You can pay by credit card, but make sure what you send because once the payment is made it is impossible to be rectified. By this service, it can be recharged only two cellular per process and a single charge per number.

To finalize the process, the beneficiary will be sent a text message confirming receipt of the recharge to the desired number, completing the charging process.

(Available at the following link:

To use the service of this site, it should be charged at least $ 14, with the maximum time delay of 48 hours. This is because for making effective the recharge, they need to check first the payment you made.

(Visit this link to access:

This is a service that is for a while in the online market. To realize the recharge, you must give more data than in the other sites, such as the full names of the recipient, emails, and more. The packages on offer range from 15 to 60 dollars.

(Visit here:

Recharging through this site is offered by Ezetop, an Irish company that provides services to over 165 operators around the world. Refill packs vary between 13 and 22.5 dollars.

(Available at:

This service apparently works more simply, as the recharge takes place 5 seconds after clicking, it is instantaneous and does not require confirmation text messages.

As you may have noticed, the possibilities of communicating effectively have been increased. Now, you can take care of the cell phones expenses without necessarily being in Cuba. Finally, if you would like to use another online service, we would recommend visiting, although this requires paid subscription, it has coverage in 82 countries.

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