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We must seize every moment we have, especially if it is a labor related issue, because in these times it is very difficult to get a job opening where you can work at. If the case of lawyers, the competitiveness for job openings is much higher compared to other professions.

This is the reason why an applicant for a job as a lawyer should be very clear about the documents which he must present in order for the evaluator to be able to assess his skills and his expertise. Up next we offer you two models of letters for applicants which can be submitted to different job openings.

Model 1 of a presentation letter for a lawyer:

Quito, June 9, 2013

Andrea Carranza
Conquistadores Av 9854
Phone 6545 484 556

Estudio de Abogados Solís
El derby Av No 441
Phone 8456 445 445

Dear Sirs:

Through this letter I have the pleasure to greet all the assistants that belong to the Solis law firm. My name is Andrea Carranza, I am 35 years old and I have graduated five years ago from the career in law, and I also have a master’s degree in civil law. On this occasion, I stand before you as I am applying for a job opening at this prestigious law firm.

I have over 15 years of experience which have helped me to acquire a lot of knowledge in different companies, both national and foreign, that has given me the confidence to be able to face new business challenges that arise before me. I know that my contribution and my support can be invaluable. I know that teamwork will make us able to position ourselves to achieve the goals that the company has in this wonderful beautiful country.

Attached to this letter is my resume and other documents where you can see with more detail my studies and the experience I have had at other companies. I cordially say goodbye, thanking each of you for the attention you have given me.

Yours truly,

Andrea Carranza
Civil rights attorney

Model 2 of a presentation letter for a lawyer:

Guayaquil, December 4, 2103

José Antonio González
Los Cruces Av 5545
Phone 844 115 614

Benvenuto Lawyers
Human Resources Office
Phone 545 451 56

Dear Sirs:

Through this letter I want to communicate to all people working in the area of human resources Benvenuto study the following:

My name is José Antonio González, I am a law graduate and I have a master in corporate law. I am pleased to introduce myself to you with the intention to apply for the job vacancy for a lawyer which was released through the official website of the law firm. I have eight years of experience working as a lawyer in different companies dedicated to the corporate subject.

With experience in corporate law, I know all the demands and requirements that a company must have to emerge. I am always keeping up to date and I am a productive person who likes to work in a team under pressure with great capacity to solve issues and legal problems.

My desire is to participate and be part of the family of such a prestigious company in which I can contribute much with the acquired knowledge I have from my entire past job experiences.

Enclosed is my resume so you can see with more detail my professional career.

Yours truly,

José Antonio González
Corporate law attorney

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