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One of the professionals that are required in all companies are accountants, and they are responsible for recording, controlling and managing all the finances of any company or business. Thus, the information they generate is used by managers to make appropriate decisions in the management of the company.

If you are an accountant by profession and are in the search for a job, you can attach a letter to your resume labor presentation in which you can highlight your greatest professional skills and experience. In this section we present you two examples of letters that can be used as an introduction by accountants.

Example 1 of a job application letter:

Bogotá, September 10, 2013

María Casas Villanueva
Av. Américas No. 52-30
Phone 9805438

Human Resources Area
El Dorado Av No 668
Phone 2305813

Dear Sirs,

Through this letter I introduce myself to the human resources office of FARMACIAS DE SALUD for the following reason.

My name is Mary Homes Villanueva and I am 30 years old, I am a titled accountant from the University of the Andes and have over 8 years’ experience in the field. On this occasion I wish to apply for the accountant position of your company.

Thanks to these eight years of experience in which I have worked for various companies, I have acquired all the necessary experience to execute the accounting for any company in the correct way. I have training in legislation with which I can provide advice on accounting matters.

I know FARMACIAS DE SALUD is an organization committed to its customers and is characterized by its social responsibility, which is why I want to be part of a recognized company like yours. I know that my contribution in your company will be very useful for you. Enclosed is my resume so that you can know more about my personal and professional information.

Thank you very much for your attention.


Maria Casas Villanueva

Example 2 of a job application letter:

Montevideo, October 24, 2013

Pedro Barros Gutiérrez
Jr. Washington 450.
Phone 3804568

Artigas Av. 450
Phone 7804265

Dear Sirs.

Through the present letter I extend my greetings to all the working family of EASTERN SAC to introduce myself as a candidate for the accountant job opening there is in your organization.

My name is Pedro Barros Gutierrez and I am a titled accountant of the University of Montevideo. I have over four years of practice working in the private sector and I want to apply to your business in this selection process.

Throughout the years of hard work, I have acquired the necessary experience to get to know all accounting processes of a company and I want to continue growing professionally, for this reason I have decided to be part of a company of the importance of ORIENTALES SAC.

Along with this letter is my resume, in which you will find detailed information about my experience and education. Have a nice day and thank you very much for the attention provided.


Pedro Barros Gutiérrez

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