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Today we can not imagine living in a world without internet access. The network of networks has reached global coverage and most people have some media to enter into it and this is because of the internet facilities as it gives us access to all kinds of information instantly and allow us to stay in touch with friends and family around the world.

With such a large number of people who connect daily, the internet advertising firms have been commissioned to create a large number of methods to flood us with all sorts of warnings, even reaching the limits of spying for our tastes and preferences send publicity to the extent possible the most daring.

One of the most annoying ways that have been created for advertising are the emerging Pop Ups, which are pages that are opened without our permission occupying our entire screen or part of it and are difficult to close which makes us a hard time and step put us in a bad mood.

But as in internet there is solution for all, this article will tell you about programs that exist to prevent any kind of popup advertising.

Ad Muncher

It is software with which you can avoid any further notice to block advertising appearing PopUps. One of its advantages is the ability to configure a special filter to determine the type of advertising you would tolerate and which others not, even achieving block background music or dialogue.

If you have Windows 7 or earlier, this software will run easily. Also with any Internet browser you use.


As its name suggests functions as a “police” specialized in stopping PopUps that can occur at any time. Once you have it installed on your browser, you have to incorporate its control buttons on the top bar of your browser.

When a window or pop-up ads want to appear, PopUpCop will stop and inform you of the action taken. It also has compatibility with Windows 7.

Daemon AdKiller

This is another option to choose if you want to get rid of the uncomfortable internet advertising publicity. This program operates autonomously avoiding pop ups appear and has the ability to keep a history of navigation and thereby block any future emerging pages.

It also has multiple configuration options to customize your level of protection.

Pop Down

This is another specialized program effective in blocking PopUps. Once you have it installed you will see next to the toolbar on your browser a shortcut with which you can enable or disable the popup blocker and also limit the number of windows that can be opened simultaneously.

My PopupKiller

Finally, we present to you My popup killer, which is a very effective program when removing popups. Like earlier, it is about installing an icon in your browser so you know it is active and you can browse with the entire trust that you will not be interrupted.

A particular advantage of this program is that it offers three levels of protection: one auto, one manual and one “aggressive” with the highest degree of protection.

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