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The life of an immigrant means a life full of difficult obstacles and various challenges. However, the first thing that all immigrants should have to cope with is their process of adapting to a new reality, is a very good attitude.

Immigrating to Canada is probably going to be one of your biggest challenges so far. Upon your arrival in Canada, there is no doubt that you will experience a large cultural impact: your own traditions, your way of seeing life, will be possibly not in accordance with the Canadian style.

But how is the life of an immigrant in Canada? In this paper, we will try to solve this question. The lines below are based on personal experiences of many people, for any reason you believe that these experiences are repeated, because the immigration process is individual and particular of each single person. However, this information will broaden your criteria on what it means to live as an immigrant in a country such as Canada.

The first thing to know is that, as an Anglo culture, the majority of Canadians act very reserved and even, under the sight of Latin Americans, “cold”. This is one of the main shocks that all Hispanics are suffering, as from a social culture and very friendly open.

In turn, the absence of family and friends, missing important family moments, is another major reason that causes sadness about any Hispanic immigrant. In addition, the whole Anglo – Canadian culture has customs that, from the point of view of Hispanic Americans, might seem very sober and reserved. On the other hand, the French – Canadian culture (Quebec) is much closer to the Spanish culture, due to the influence of Mediterranean and the fact that the French – language is culturally closer.

Then, it is essential that all immigrants manage to overcome language barriers in order to be able to link themselves to a whole new culture which, though different, is prepared to host them as one of its own members.

It should be noted that, being an immigrant, he or she is a person that will enjoy many rights, such as been able of using a world – renowned health system and one of the best education systems there is (free of charge to secondary and higher education grants). Other details, such as low crime and the various mass transit systems are also considerable (bus lines, urban rail network).

However, it is necessary to mention that, in recent years, there has been a great disadvantage for immigrants. Recent research shows alarming data on the level of unemployment among immigrants, and the disparity between immigrants and native citizens of Canada, in the matter of how quickly they might get employment. These reports, for example, note that immigrants aged 25 to 54, college educated, have an unemployment rate of 12.1%. While the rate for Canadians, with the same skill level is about 3%.

This means that it is true, Canada offers many opportunities, but they will not always be so easy to obtain. Please note that you must compete for a job not only with immigrants but with people who were actually born in Canada. Therefore, the first thing you do is build confidence that your skills are valuable for different companies or organizations. Thus, they may give you a chance for you to prove them what you are able to do.

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