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electronic engineering, university estudies, education tipsThe best reasons to study Electronic Engineering

The advance of electronics has revolutionized the world amazingly and completely. Every day we can see how new inventions revolutionized our lives by making it easier, we have wireless Internet phones that work as pocket computers and gadgets that make housework easier. Electronic devices are in our daily lives, present in almost all our activities.

Electronic Engineering is that branch of engineering that is responsible for transforming and creating technologies to improve production processes in industries, telecommunications companies and in general, most companies and businesses that are working with communications networks or electronics. Then we will give several major reasons decided to study Electronic Engineering.

Labor demand

The demand for professionals in this branch of engineering is increasing every day since the technology is more prevalent in industries and can find them fully automated production processes, controlled by electronic systems. An Electronic Engineer is able to design these processes, improve and monitor them together with professional engineering systems.

Areas of application

In Electronic Engineering we can find a lot of branches. For starters we can talk about industrial electronics, which specializes in sensors and automatic controls for industries, digital electronics which is present in lots of devices that handle as computers, smartphones, etc.. power electronics which has to do with the motor control power on large industries and the telecommunications field in which we find the mobile phone companies, cable TV and Internet.

Own company

An Electronic Engineer that has a vast work experience can have the opportunities that may be the start a business, developing various electronic devices that provide solutions to all kinds of businesses and even developing new technologies in the field of bioengineering in which goes hand in hand with medicine to create diagnostic and treatment equipment.


An Electronic Engineer has the option to specialize in any branch of electronics also in other specialties related fields such as electrical engineering and systems engineering, among others. It is also possible to specialize in the field of administration, formulation and evaluation. An Electronic Engineer should look constantly updated to meet the new challenges of today’s world.

Economic Benefits

An Electronic Engineer that has some degree of prior experience has good chances of being hired as soon as he finishes his career. Compensation is good to start and can greatly improve with increasing experience, the career line and get specialized in the field he has chosen.

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