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If you are in search of a job you should know that there are a lot of people who may be applying for the same job as you, it’s true that you will face a lot of competition but you can make a difference, if you can elaborate a curriculum in the most properly way you will increase your chances of being called to a job interview.

To achieve this you must effort in the development of the different parts that make up your resume and perhaps one of the most important is that in which you describe your professional profile. When writing your professional profile, you must include your main skills as well as some of your professional achievements and to help in this task we bring you this article will be of much help when writing your profile.


In your professional profile you must include the qualities that you possess and specially those which are compatible with the job you want or your profession. You can use all common qualities such as positive attitude, proactive, preparing summaries and reports, teamwork, etc..


In this part you should mention the most positive qualities you have. Mention only those that may be sought by an employer for the position to which you aspire. You can say that you are responsible, honest, punctual, helpful, etc..

General information

In writing you must make a profile short description of your experience at the professional level and also mention a little about your educational background. Do not forget to mention that you should only generalities; you put that in a section of the curriculum talk about your experience and your education further.

As examples, we show some professional profiles that will help you write your own profile.

:: “I am a Systems Engineer with over five years of experience in leading companies in the telecommunications sector, I am an excellent programmer and I like to do a job that gives the complete satisfaction to my employer combining efficiency and effectiveness”
:: “ I have three years as a university professor in the field of mathematics, during which time I have gained along the experience necessary to know what kind of approach I use with my students to ensure better learning ”
:: “I am a CPA with three years of experience in various public and private companies, I am a responsible, methodical, professional and timely delivery of reports. I wish my work to contribute to the growth of your organization”.
:: “I am a Dermatologist Surgeon, I have more than eight years working in my field, during which time I have gained the flexibility to make accurate diagnoses and establish appropriate treatments for different skin conditions experience”.
:: “As a lawyer I am aware of my social responsibility in the defense of my links, so during my 10 years of experience I have resorted to all legal remedies on behalf of my clients”.

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