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In order for you to find work in the most successful way, the thing you must keep in mind is to create and present a resume which stands out from the rest. In your resume besides providing your personal details and professional work experience, you must also state in a concise and specific way the job functions in which you can develop.

Pointing out your job functions may help you be the ideal candidate for the job position. How can I highlight my job functions on my resume? Up next we will give you some guidelines to learn to highlight your job functions on your resume.

Keep an order

In order to highlight your work experience for your employer, you must have a perfect order. At the start you write your personal data, after it you should place an objective, and after that you must include all your past working experience, academic readiness and professional goals and studies.

Be concise

It is of vital importance that your resume is very specific for your employer and that you only include the necessary information as it will be read very quickly, so you have to highlight your qualities and working experience.

In your personal data you should only put your name and last name, your age, your phone number and your e- mail, attaching a recent photo. Your presentation should be a paragraph with a maximum of three sentences. In the other part of your professional experience, we recommend you write your last three jobs.

Include the year, the company name and your job title. In the section of your education you should mention the studies you have and the training you have received. Make a list of the career goals you have in your life. Finally mention some additional course you have taken.

Job functions

In this part you must write your most outstanding job functions, pointing out concretely the activities you have played in your previous jobs. You can place the year, the name of the company and the position you occupied. You must include the most outstanding functions you developed which relate with the job profile that you are currently seeking. For example if you worked in the area of Human Resources recruitment, you can write it down as following example:

2011 – METALA Company – Human Resources Assistant
Functions: Staff recruitment, administrative functions.

If the company in which you want to work is looking for people with experience in their selection of staff members, then your chances of being hired for the working position will increase.

Another way to highlight your professional qualities in your resume is by writing your accomplishments and the goals you achieved during your career with the company. Make a list of achievements you got along with job functions you played, you can do it this way:

2011 – GYC investments – Publicist
Functions: Advice designer, Assistant for publicity campaigns. (Designer of the Year Award 2011 by the Latin Publishers Association).

Use these guidelines and you will have a remarkable resume when it comes to your job functions and this will help you achieve success by getting the job position you want.

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