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In the work related issue, we must enforce any opportunity at the right time. If someone resigns or if the company you work at is expanding, then this might be an opportunity for taking the place of a senior position.

If you have the required experience and expertise in order to have a higher position, then you have a big chance of meeting your goal. The first thing you have to do is evaluate the company and its needs and demonstrate genuine interest to take care of the job title you want.

You can do this in several ways, you can send a letter to the Human Resources Manager or to the authority which is the director of the company. In this article we will give you some of the reasons that are written in a letter to take up a new post.

Example 1 of a sample letter for a candidate’s presentation:

Lima April 14, 2012

Juan Dominguez Flores
Arboleda Avenue No 842
Phone 545 556 21

Human Resources Office
Geraniums Avenue n ° 87968
Phone 386 8737

To whom it may concern :

Through this letter I greet the people working in the Human Resources area and at the same time I want to state the following :

For obvious reasons after the resignation of the head of the maintenance area that took place yesterday, it stands to reason that someone will be taking his place at the company, I state my desire to occupy this position. I have over four years of experience working in the area of maintenance of this company and I know of about the work being done.

I have had the opportunity to assume the leadership position over the staff of the maintenance area during the absence of my superiors and I am qualified to take on such an important post.

If the case you approve my candidacy for this job position , I promise to give my best effort and professionalism and to be able to meet my new job functions in order for the company to improve day after day.


Juan Dominguez Flores
Maintenance Technician

Example 2 of a sample letter for a candidate’s presentation:

Managua February 2, 2013
Maritza Garrido Juarez
Ruiseñores Avenue No 270
Phone 862 873 19

HR area
Los Heroes Avenue No 855
Phone 422 1463

To whom it may concern :

Through this letter I extend a respectful greeting to all the people working in the Human Resources area of this honorable company, and at the same time state the following:

Due to the expansion of the company and the opening of a new branch in the city, I present my candidacy for the position of sales supervisor , I have more than three years performing at this area of the company and I have been able to gain the confidence and experience that the job profile needs.

During the time that I have been working in this company I have given my best effort and have demonstrated responsibility and professionalism to meet each of the objectives given by the company.

Wishing that my candidacy is approved to participate in the new projects of the company.


Maritza Gomez Juarez

Sales Area Assistant

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