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disadvantages of google+, disadvantages of twitter, main advantages of google+, main advantages of twitterWhat you should know about Google + and Twitter

The success of social networks on the Internet would be explained because users can keep in touch with friends just in as little as a few clicks.

In these social networks you would customize a profile, share with all the special moments of your life through photos and videos, talk privately with your friends, write messages, among many other features, all without the need to move from one computer or using a mobile device.

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world, users mainly used it to inform what happens all the time around them, such as the famous people who keep their followers informed of what they are doing, where they are or how they feel at a given moment.

Following the growing trend of using social networks, Google didn’t want to be far behind and launched in 2011, Google +, which had a great beginning. Two weeks after its release, this social network had 20 million of users. This article compares the features of Twitter and Google+.


– In Google + there is the possibility of sharing input messages over 140 characters and share it with your circles of friends or with everyone, you want.

– On Twitter, the messages you post in your profile can only have up to 140 characters and these can be viewed by all our followers.


– Google + is concerned with the full identification of their users, so it does not allow access to people under 18. The idea is that you cannot create profiles of nonexistent people or fake profiles.

– On Twitter you do not need more than 18, you can create a free account and customize the information you wish to be public. To do this you just need to get a valid email account.


– Google + allows users to group their friends in specific circles. For example, you can have circles of friends from work, college, family, neighborhood, among others.

The idea of the circles is that you can share information that is relevant only among certain circles. Google + implies “share online and in real life”. In addition, this network can import contacts from Yahoo or Messenger, or invite them to be part of this social network that you are already connected to.

– On Twitter, followers a user has, and the ones that he follows is the only network. It is not possible to group them into circles or anything. However, as with Google +, you can invite your contacts or friends Messenger, Yahoo and AOL to join your network. If you do not have one, you can invite them to create it.


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