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La historia de Twitter,TwitterTwitter’s History and Usefulness:

Currently,Twitter is among the social networks with the most users. In this social network, we communicate with both unknown and famous people on this network.

Jack Dorsey created it in 2006 and Twitter became one of the best known networks in the world. This year it is estimated that it has around 300 million users, and by the end of the year it will increase by over 50%.

Tweets are text messages used in this social network, and it helps to post the entire user’s information in real time, share their feelings and question their followers. In this report we will learn more about Twitter, we will know the story of how this social network was created and how it can be used.


On March 2006, Jack Dorsey created the Twitter social network, under the name Twttr. Originally, workers at Postact Odeo, Inc., Dorsey among them, were the network’s first users, until July 2006, when it was officially introduced to internet users.

In 2007, there were 50,000 visits a day on Twitter and on March 2007 it gets the South by Southwest Award in the best blog category. In the following two years, Twitter grew enormously in terms of number of users.

On February 2008 there were 450,000 visits and by February 2009 there were 7 million. On that same year there were list options, with user lists instead of just personal users. Also, in 2009 the Spanish version of Twitter was launched.

In 2010, Twitter had a technical problem which caused it to forward messages which made no sense to its users. But Twitter overcame it and continued being one of the most used social networks in the world. It is forecast that by the end of 2011 there will be more than 500 million users in this network.


Twitter users can post all events on the network as soon as they happen. Most of them follow people, so they can know in real time what famous people with Twitter accounts are doing, and they can comment on current events and they can communicate with them.

Also, they can follow events in real time and recorded broadcast of exhibits and conferences, and comment or debate on television programs and movies. We can interview on Twitter.

A disadvantage of using Twitter is its 140 character limit for every post, which makes every message short and to the point, almost like an SMS. Currently, Twitter can be started from a modern mobile like cutting edge cell phones.

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