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Wi-Fi environments are currently very difficult to believe are safe, because nowadays there are increasingly more applications that are able to filter information from the network, so feeling safe is not a characteristic of people who wireless networks. What you can do is to hide the network or make it harder to attack and, in certain way, if you’re lucky, the attack will desist.

One way to begin the process of optimizing your network’s security is to increase the level of encryption that is on the amendment, or changing the type of WEP encryption security, which was predetermined, with a more optimal one, such as WPA or WPA2. To make this operation you should open the utility of the router settings; it can generally be seen from any web page with the address: “” is amended in the part indicated as Wireless LAN, in the tab to select “Group Data Privacy” alternative TKIP for increased security level, then turns on Apply and you have to click OK.

Upon testing the new configuration after connecting the router, the system will ask for a password, it will win a much better signal encryption.

The second security device that must be implemented is a MAC address filtering, this address is a network card ‘s social code, this number may identify the type of adapter that holds, regardless of an specific IP address.

This method is not as difficult to configure as it may seem, since it is very simple to modify by unscrupulous persons who possess some knowledge of wireless networks; but there are also other people who do not count with this information, so it will be much harder for them to do something about it without using certain tools.

In order to be able to do this, you must know first the what is the MAC code card Wi-Fi network to be added to the list of eligible MAC codes, you can find it by entering the command prompt, typing “cmd” in Start / Run, then type the instance “ipconfig”.

At the top you can really appreciate a description “Link IP address” next to this, there will be a string of continuing with the format (network card name: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx). This number is pointing and then directed to the Router and a tab for MAC filtering, copy the code that is aimed and which is suitable to keep trying to connect.

If the verification process was successful, then applied and was accepted, so that from now on, anyone who does not have the MAC number added to the list, is simply unable to connect to your network.

The newest way to secure the network, is by hiding the SSID signal or, in order to be able to do that, you are going to need to address yourself to the router page and proceed to find the tab where it says: SSID display, you have to deactivate the switch that says Broadcast SSID, just about then the signal will be deactivated.

You now need to be connected, but now you won’t do it directly through the router, but from the computer itself. This will have to go to the icon “My Network Places” under “Connect manually”, then enter the name of the router that had previously and the security part will the WPA-PSK, to finally enter the password and click Connect. Thus the level of wireless network security will be considerably higher.

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