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For some time, the desire of many immigrants has been residing legally in the United States, this is achieved when eventually become citizens, for it is necessary to obtain U.S. citizenship. In this paper, discloses how to obtain legal status in the United States.

Obtaining citizenship allows people to establish legally in America, and access to rights and benefits as federal support. To access the immigrant legal status (citizenship or nationality) must begin the naturalization process.

According to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), all immigrants interested in obtaining U.S. citizenship or nationality, must comply with the following stipulations:

– Have permanent residence, i.e. Green Card, before starting the procedure of nationalization.
– Have a minimum of five years of permanent residence, if the spouse is a U.S. citizen, the time is reduced to three years. It is necessary to have physical presence in the U.S. in the last five years of a minimum of thirty months, if the spouse is a U.S. citizen; the time is reduced to eighteen months.
– one must have lived in a state three months before starting the paperwork
– File Form M-476, to know what is the necessary information at Step, then file Form M-480, to determine that the applicant meets all the requirements to start the process and finally present the Form N-400, which is the application for naturalization.
– No criminal record or judicial file.
– Read, write and speak English, besides historical and civic knowledge of American culture.
– Obey and respect the articles of the U.S. Constitution, including the voluntary military service.

The Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the institution responsible for processing all requests for nationalization of any immigrant. For more information go to:

The nationalization process is summarized as follows:

– Phase One: Presentation of petition for naturalization, Form N-400 and updated photographs (taken within thirty days stipulated)
– Phase II: Personal interview.
– Phase Three: Review of citizenship, which includes proof of English and American history.
– Phase Four: Naturalization Ceremony. In which the new American citizen swears allegiance and fidelity to their new nation and the constitution that represents, he also gives his residency card and it is changed by the certificate of nationality.

Before the Fourth Phase of the USCIS will contact the applicant when a decision has been taken on the request., If this has been accepted, you will receive a Form N-445, which is the Notice of nationalization oath ceremony, in this form indicating the date and time of the ceremony.

Keep in mind that while the naturalization application is pending, the absence of U.S. territory could cause not being chosen for citizenship. Besides being out of American territory for more than six months, hinders and disrupts the process of residence.

Obtaining American citizenship is a benefit for life, which is given to a citizen living abroad. This benefit gives us:

– The right to vote
– The U.S. passport
– Federal protection abroad
– Be a sponsor, applicants for permanent residence

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