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All those wishing to visit the United States are first required to obtain a tourist visa (B-2). To obtain this permit people may apply at any U.S. embassy, you should also know that with this type of visa you cannot study or work. In this article we offer some tips to be successful in obtaining this essential document.

First, by law, all immigration officers should assume that all potential applicants are immigrants. After saying that it is important that you show interest in returning to their home country, providing valid reasons why you might return.

The B-2 visas are granted to all citizens of countries that are not part of the Visa Waiver Program. This type of visa allows benefited a stay of only 6 months in American territory, you can also request an extension for up to 6 months.

The advice you’ll read here has two parts: those related to the form DS160 and those related to the interview with the immigration officer.

Form DS160

It is an electronic form that must be completed by the applicant and then forwarded electronically. The document is written in English, if you have problems with your translation, you can access this service, however, the answers must be written in English.

Fill out the form honestly; writing truthful information about yourself, your family, work context, economic and professional status and emphasize the reasons why you want to make the trip.
Remember that the answers of the interview and the ones you have written on the form must be consistent.


Interviews are given in English, but if you do not speak this language you may request an interview in Spanish. It is important to remember that you need a series of papers at that moment, be sure to have them all at hand.

Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the subject and try to answer everything asked by the immigration officer clearly.

Stay relaxed all the time and dress comfortably for the occasion.
It is important to make know the official that you plan to return to your home country, if you have a return air ticket, it will help.

Evidence that is sought in the interview to ensure the return is:

Immediate family still living in the country of origin
Having a stable job in a recognized organization
To be studying in an academic program

It is also important to count on the following documents:

Employment certificate which certifies which organization you are working in, detailed period and salary.
Bank statements, property vehicle registration.
Birth registration, marriage registration if applicable.
Copy of your ID

He will ask a series of questions listed below. Remember that it is important to answer the following questions clearly:

– What is the reason for your trip?
– What company do you work for?
– What is your role within the company?
– Do you plan to stay in the United States?

Finally, the B2 visas can also be provided for persons requiring medical attention; however, they must go through other procedures. Once in the U.S. and if you meet the requirements, you can apply for permanent residence or other status.

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