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Currently, cell phones are the most used piece of technology on the planet, with them all have the opportunity to immortalize many moments of their life. With cameras ever built better than the device itself they can take pictures of very good quality to what we want and we can share them with our friends.

If you want to send MMS, you may end up retracting from doing this because of its cost. In this article you will find out and learn how to send free MMS Internet.

First, you must know what MMS means. MMS means multimedia messaging system and allows users to send and receive multimedia information such as videos, sounds, music, pictures, etc., with the written message that you want to attach. Specifically, to send them, the appropriate formats are:

For Video: 3GP, MPEG-4
For Sounds: AMR, WAV, MP3
For Images: GIF, JPEG.
For Text: Plain text.

To be able to send a MMS from a mobile phone to another, it is necessary that both devices have a data transmission service (usually, GPRS, WAP). But the Internet also allows you to send MMS with the difference that this service is free, unlike sending it from one cell phone to another one.

The following are some of the most used websites for sending MMS:


To send MMS completely free from this page you need to follow these steps:

Register on the website, placing your name, phone, company and the country to which it belongs. You will receive a confirmation code as SMS, with which you can access by placing it as a password to your user name.

You must place the name in a list of contacts that you have in this website (main advantage). Fill out the information with your phone number and the company that provides the service.

Fill the box “to” to start composing your multimedia message.
Fill the box “File” with any file you want to upload to a folder on your computer, either an image or any other multimedia file.
Now click on the check box for sending approval
Click “Send Message”

Once clicked send, NkWap send to the recipient an email with a link to download the content. This is because this page puts in its server the file to be downloaded later; this makes it a pseudo multimedia message. Given this, it is necessary that the recipients have a computer with an Internet connection to access the link

MMS Photo

(Available at:

This is a paid service that lets you send MMS to any destination prior registration and payment media. The size of the MMS can weigh up to 50 KB and the required formats are JPEG and GIF.

(available at

It is a free service, but also functions as pseudo MMS, as you must enter to download the attachment. You will have to enter the code or password that appears at the beginning of the process, when you load the file.

This web site is characterized by the following:

Type allowed file format: GIF, JAR, JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, MP3, and WMV.
Size limit: 500KB.
Preservation of information: only for 24 hours.


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