How to Talk with a Girl you don’t Know

how to talk with a girl you don't know,free tips how to start a talk with a girl you dont know,how to talk with a girl you dont know,free tips how to talk with a girl,free tips how to talk with a girl you dont know How to Start a Talk with a Girl You Do Not Know:

We have talks every day and in different situations. What is simple can turn complex especially if it involves a girl. The first step when talking to a girl requires a minimum knowledge about topics she is interested in. This article will teach you some techniques that will help your first conversation with a girl.

Simple questions:
To make it easy to start a talk, you must use simple questions to lighten the moment. You might fantasize about starting a relationship with the girl next door or a fellow college student you never spoke to. It is important to keep in mind quick and easy to answer questions which can come to your mind easily as soon as the occasion arises. For example, “you live at apartment #…, right?” or “Nice day, huh?” These are friendly questions and help start a conversation, and it is up to you how it goes from there on. The following simple questions are also advisable “What is your name?” or “Do you come here often?” Bear in mind you must always make them in a friendly and unassuming way.

It is tuning time:
When talking to a girl you must keep in mind how important your voice is. It must be clear, firm, and you must have an attitude and personality during all the conversation. You must speak calmly, without rushing and properly. Girls appreciate a respectful boy with good manners towards them.

Catch her eyes:
You must practice looking frankly and directly at the girl you are talking to if you want to make an excellent impression on her. Do not gaze for too long at her eyes or stare at any given part of her body; she could misunderstand your gazes. You must look at her in a friendly way, almost like caressing her, so that your appreciation of her shows. Look carefully at her face and stop at her eyes for a few seconds every time. Smile when you start a friendly conversation, so you will break the ice easily.

The new era:
Currently, social networks are another option for approaching a girl and starting a conversation with someone you do not know. In this media, there is the chat which will help you connect not just the girl you are interested in, but with several girls from several places at the same time. The virtual way is an advantage for someone who is not good at relating with girls personally, and it will give you tools you can use in other situations.

For instance, you can add a coworker to your contact list by finding out her corporate electronic mail address, and so when she logs into the chat you can start a conversation about general interest topics or about work itself.

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