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Writing a CV achievements,winning resume :

One of the main reasons people do not get a job interview is because they did not submit an attractive enough resume. Among the most valued information a resume must include are the work achievements in previous experiences.

In order to write our work achievements in our resume we must first understand what a work achievement is. Work achievements are our specific and precise results in our workplace. These results must be positive and therefore mean a gain or benefit for the company we work for.

An achievement means the fulfillment of a work or business objective. In other words, work achievements are the value we added to the company we work for.

Our work achievements must be mentioned in our resume, because that information reflects our ability to meet objectives. Work achievements are proof that we are productive workers and motivate our potential employers to call us for an interview or to hire us.

So as to write our work achievements, we must bear in mind three important elements: problem, action and result. To determine our achievements in previous jobs, we must remember the problems that arose in certain situations and what we did or how we acted (action) to solve them. If our actions yielded good results and benefitted the company we worked for, that means a work achievement.

When writing our achievements, we must keep in mind that is should not take more than three lines. Besides, we must write not just the result, but also the action which led to it. Lastly, we must remember that work achievements must include statistical information, money amounts, resources or time.

Next, some examples of work achievements are given which will help you write your own previous achievements:

– I set up a new process control system which prevented the loss of 100 thousand dollars a year.

– I was the leader of a research project about drug consumption by teenagers ages 15 to 18 in the El Olivar community; the real causes were found and drug consumption in the locality was reduced by 57%.

– I designed a logistics program which helped control three firms in a business group, and expenses were reduced by 35%.

– I designed a platform for the El Comercio group’s website, which managed the sites for the group’s four newspapers; the number of employees was reduced and personnel costs decreased by 70%.

– When I was sales manager, the revenue increased by 48%.

– I was the founder of a street animals association, and with a minimum investment from the community, there were no more stray dogs in Los Alisos.

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