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Having a job is a necessity that we all have and it is also part of our professional and personal accomplishment, and for that reason, there comes a time when we evaluate our current work and we begin to question whether or not to continue working for the same company, it may be that our salary is not the best, we have a very heavy work environment or we have to cope with peers who do not make the tasks of the office so easy for us.

So you start looking for other options of work and you are called for an interview. Surely during your interview they will make you the question “Why do you want to work in another company?” Perhaps the question varies a little, but the goal of the interviewer is the same, knowing your job security, how you express yourself of your coworkers and your boss, besides the reasons that will lead you to quit your current job.

In this particular case, this question becomes critical and you must make it clear that your motives are to achieve higher goals which you could not do in your current job.

Get to think about that whatever your main reason for wanting to find another job, your interviewer will not be interested to know if you were treated badly, if your boss did not consider you, if your workload was unfair or your paycheck vas very low. Saying something like that will speak ill of your personality and that is why you should avoid those answers.

When faced with this question you should not exalt yourself, be relaxed, have a positive attitude and use a good answer that fits your situation. So, if you have a full time job, you can say you want to do postgraduate studies and time will not favor, in that way you will give the impression that you are looking to improve.

If you had personal problems, do not comment them or you will look like a troubled person. Better say that your company made many changes that simply did not favor you and that is why you should not continue.

To give you a better idea, we bring you a series of answers that will be of much help to you.

:: “I want to pursue a career line, and in my current company there is no chance for me to do so”
:: “I believe that in my current job I have already acquired all the experience that I could attain and now I would like to learn something more”
:: “I think that my period within the company in which I work has come to an end. I consider myself ready to face new challenges and greater responsibilities”.
:: “In my current job I cannot find new challenges that will lead me to overcome myself”.
:: “I think I have a lot of potential as a professional and I need a company in which I can continue developing myself to the fullest”.
:: “My time in my current job is coming to an end, I need new horizons need that allow me to achieve higher goals”
:: “I want to start my master’s degree and my current schedule does not allow me to”.
:: “I have noticed that the way in which I work is a bit repetitive and I want new challenges and goals that will make me grow more in all fields”.
:: “When I saw your job offer I realized that the position offered is ideal for me, it is what I always wanted”.
:: “Because your company is renowned for offering the best work environment and best employee benefits as well as providing career lines”.

That question can be very difficult when made, but if you use the keys we have given, then you will be just fine and also be able to overcome it.

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