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How to say happy Mother’s
day to your friend

Mother's day messages that will inspire you

Praise your best friend for her day by sharing with her these wonderful Mother’s Day phrases and express your gratitude to her.

Friends are a very special part of our life, even though each one forms its own family, friendship continues, so send her nice Mother’s Day words.

Here we offer you original Mother’s Day messages so that you greet in a very special way all those friends who are Moms.

Mother’s day card messages & quotes

:: “May God continue giving you many wonderful things in your life because you are an excellent Mom and wife, Happy Mother’s Day dear friend!”

:: “My friend, have an extraordinary Mother’s Day, you are a beautiful person, your children are lucky to have you as their Mom. You are unique and unmatched. ”

:: “Your children have been blessed with a magnificent Mom, I am a witness of all you do for them, and without a doubt you are the best. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! ”

:: “Friend, I hope you have a very nice Mother’s Day with your children, because they are the reason for your joys and happiness. A big hug for you. ”

:: “I am so happy to have you as my best friend, even though you have many things to do you always give yourself time for your friends. Congratulations on Mother’s Day! ”Saludos para el día de la Madre para enviar por Whatsapp

Find best lovely Mother’s day greetings

:: “Thousands of congratulations on this Mother’s Day my friend, I wish you always enjoy health and strength so that you continue to be an exemplary Mom.”

:: “A big hug my friend on your Mother’s Day, enjoy the love of your children and everyone around you, from here I wish you the best.”

:: “Receive my congratulations on Mother’s Day and my thanks for your great friendship, God allow you to continue being a loving and unconditional Mom.”

:: “I send you a very special greeting for your Mother’s Day, I love you very much and I never want to lose your friendship. You are the sister that I could choose. ”

:: “I am proud to be your friend and your children’s aunt. Congratulations on your Mother’s Day, God bless you. Cheers.”

Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend sweet phrases

:: “On this Mother’s Day, may your best gift be the affection and admiration of your children, you know that I highly esteem you, Congratulations my beautiful friend!”

:: “Dear friend, Happy Mother’s Day! I am proud of you, you are a loving, brave and fighting woman, you do everything possible to see your loved ones happy.”

:: “Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend, May heaven pour many blessings on you and fill you with joy and happiness. Enjoy this day very much! Hugs.”

:: “It is amazing how you perform as a Mother, nothing is impossible for you to achieve the happiness of your children, I admire you my friend. Happy Mother’s Day! ”

:: “You have shown everyone that the love for your children has no end, I don’t know where you get the energy to work so hard. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day, my friend. ”Descargar bellas imàgenes para el día de la Madre para Facebook

Sweet quotes I wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day

:: “I was waiting for this day to tell you that you are the best Mom I know, and also a true friend who is always looking out for me. Happy Day, hugs! ”

:: “I wish that God and the Virgin Mary protect you today and all the days of your life. Congratulations on this Mother’s Day! I love you, friend.”

:: “A woman like you is worth a lot, thanks for being such a good friend with me and always supporting me when I need it. Blessings on your Mother’s Day! ”

:: “Words are not enough to express my admiration and affection, having a friend like you is wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day, I appreciate you very much. ”

:: “You are a wonderful Mom, I send you a very strong hug and many good vibes and May you continue to be a good Mother and friend. Congratulations!”

Happy Mother’s day messages for Whatsapp

:: “How quickly time goes by, it seems like yesterday when we played Mommy when you were children, today you celebrate your Mother’s Day for the first time. Congratulations!”

:: “For you, my friend who is Mom, many congratulations on your Day, May you receive many joys from your children and blessings from heaven.”

:: “Have a beautiful Mother’s Day, you have all the attributes and wisdom to be the support that your children need. Don’t forget that I appreciate you very much friend. ”

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In this opportunity we bring you several examples to greet your friend for her work as a Mom through these sweet Mother’s Day greetings.Frases largas para dedicar el día de la Madre por Whatsapp

Get Happy Mother’s Day,
my dear friend wordings

Accompany your friend at any important moment in her life. You can send her nice Mother’s Day phrases and show her your sincere friendship.

We leave you this article with tender Mother’s Day messages for a friend, which can help you cheer and surprise her.

Sweet phrases I love you my friend, Happy Mom’s Day

:: “To you, friend, Mother and wife, congratulations on this special day. Your work as a Mom is admirable. Enjoy with your children and your husband. Hugs.”

:: “The opportunity to congratulate you on Mother’s Day is favorable, not only do we share the same responsibility but we are also great friends. Blessings. ”

:: “I admire you very much, you have achieved many things, and you are not only an excellent friend but also a devoted Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “With all my love and appreciation, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. You impart your values, principles and advice with much love. Congratulations.”

:: “I have never met someone as dedicated to their family as you are, you are looking after your children 24 hours a day, you never get tired. Happy Mother’s Day , dear friend. ”Descargar mensajes de amor para el día de la Madre para Whatsapp

Happy Mom’s Day best Messenger greetings

:: “I have no doubt that life has rewarded you for being a magnificent person, you have beautiful children who love you. You deserve it. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! ”

:: “Happy Mother’s Day! I share with you the happiness that you celebrate today, being Mom has made you stronger and braver, and you are capable of everything for your children.”

:: “I feel excited for you, your joys are also mine, more than my friend you are my sister, Congratulations on this beautiful Mother’s Day!”

:: “You have proven to be the best of all the Moms in the world, I am proud to be your friend, infinite congratulations on this Mother’s Day.”

:: “God put an angel in my way when I felt that I was alone, I feel privileged to have you as my best friend. Happy Mother’s Day! Blessings.”Descargar mensajes del día de la Madre para Messenger

Find best happy Mother’s day sweet messages

:: “From the depths of my heart I wish for you all the love and patience in the world to continue raising your healthy and happy children. Happy Day, my friend! ”

:: “I sincerely congratulate you on this Mother’s Day, you are everything to your children, and you play both roles in their lives. God will know how to reward you, I admire you my friend. ”

:: “Since we met we became best friends, now there are more reasons to stay together, I am happy to be godmother to your baby. Happy Mother’s Day! ”

:: “You carry out in a wonderful way the task of Mom, you are the guide and protection of your little ones, May God enlighten you my friend. Congratulations on this Mother’s Day! ”

:: “I love to see how you give that sublime love to your children, your face lights up every time you talk about them, you are an incredible Mom. Congratulations beautiful friend! ”

Find awesome Mother’s Day words for Whatsapp

:: “I hope that when you receive my message you feel very happy, It’s wonderful to be your friend because you are an excellent woman. Congratulations on Mother’s Day. ”

:: “Today is a very special day in your life, you had dreamed so much about becoming a Mom and God granted you that wish. Enjoy your Mother’s Day, cute friend. ”

:: “These dates bring me a lot of nostalgia and at the same time excitement, to see you turned into a Mom is beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day friend of my life! ”

:: “God has given you the joy of being a Mom and that is why I want to ask you to make the most of this stage. Congratulations on your first Mother’s Day, my friend!”

:: “Thank you for being an unconditional friend, and my congratulations for being a spectacular Mom, Happy Mother’s Day dear friend, a big hug for you.”

We have lovingly created these magnificent Mother’s Day words hoping that they will be very useful to you. Please share these cute Mother’s Day thoughts for a friend in your social networks.Descargar frases bonitas para dedicar el día de la Madre

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