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The letters you submit for any job opening have the purpose of demonstrating the areas that you are good at and your capabilities, as well as the strongest aspects of your curriculum. Also, they are useful to the company to know the type of person they are hiring.

This complements your CV and is something more personal, something that CV do not have and thus facilitate the role of the recruiter to know you better.

It is important to show that you are willing to work and further highlight the arduous preparation you have received over time. You must show the company that you are a responsible person willing to work and that you want to attend an interview.

A correct letter submitted for a job opening must be completely formal, in other words, a formal style of writing, respectful and cordial; also it should not be very long, rather it should be brief and concise. Remember to use different letters for different occasions because companies do not look for the same things as other companies, it depends on the profile of the company.

Below you will find two examples of letters you can use as a guide.

Example 1 of an application letter:

Mr. Marcial,

I am fortunate to address to you on this occasion and express my desire to apply to the Department of _____________ of the institution. I have all the enthusiasm and experience required to take the job opening, as well as having specific qualities for the job, my three years of work endorse my experience.

I possess a degree in ___________ of the _______________ Institute and manage in advanced level English and Mandarin Chinese. I also have knowledge of the different software used in the market.
I am a person with a rather jovial personality, without neglecting the duties and responsibilities.

It is known that a prestigious company like yours asks for some degree of professionalism, professionalism I am willing to accept. I think I am a good fit for your company.

I appreciate your attention, ______________________

Example 2 of an application letter:

Dear Ms. Donayre,

After having informed myself through an advertisement in the newspaper, in which you sought a worker who would work in the post of ______________, by this letter I am writing to introduce myself as a possible candidate, and that I have the knowledge, experience and skill required.

I finished my studies in 2007 and in recent years I have been working for the company ___________, in the __________ area, which justifies my extensive experience and so I feel sufficiently prepared to work with your company.

I possess the skills and abilities to undertake the work with utmost excellence. Both individual and group work is not something that troubles me and thanks to my experience I can withstand all kinds of pressure.

Your company history is well known and recognized both nationally and internationally and I am fully willing to form a part and participate in this important company. If you give me the opportunity I will incorporate my skills and experience to the company.

Thanking your attention,

Yours faithfully, ___________________

You can use these letters as a base and modify them as you with to adapt them better to the situation.

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