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A company wins over new clients every year, but it can also lose about 15 to 30% of its clients. Thus, it is extremely important to try to win back most of those clients. One of the most effective strategies to solve this problem is sending a commercial letter to the lost clients.

This letter can be sent via traditional mail or email, the most used media in modern times. Now then, the main objective of this kind of letter is to find out the reasons why our clients left us and went with our competitors; according to the results, we can devise strategies to win them back.

Also, we must make the best of this resource to win our clients’ preference and trust back. To do that, we must promise them that from now on our company will have a permanent communication with them to inform them about special offers, gifts and discounts on their products or services.

A commercial letter to win clients back must be personalized and must mention benefits that will encourage clients to trust the company again. As every letter, it must be printed on a sheet with the company´s letterhead, and signed by one of the company’s top executives. But, we must bear in mind that some clients will come back, while other will not.

Next, we present you an example of a letter to win clients back.

Model letter to win clients back

Address, phone, email
Madrid, March 11, 2016
José Vargas Flores
Av. El Olivar 231

Dear Mr. Vargas:
We send you this letter to greet you and express our concern, as we have noticed that you have not visited any of our six branches in over three months. This situation is a worry for us, because we were used to serve you and get your suggestions every month.

We would like to know the reason for your absence from our company, and if there is anything we can do to win your trust and fidelity back. If you have any complaints about our customer service or our products, we would appreciate you let us know, as we need you to keep our company growing.

Also, we would like to remind you that our special client benefits are still available for you. Remember we have a 20 % discount on all our products all year round for you.

I leave you now, thanking you beforehand for your attention to this letter and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Manuel Gallardo Vásquez
Marketing Manager

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