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For anyone their first day of work is extremely difficult because we must face a new work environment with which we are unfamiliar, not know our coworkers neither know who to ask for information and further we know that is expected much of us by our employers and must achieve adapt quickly to start paying at the rate as his peers.

Definitely when having these fears, the new employee may find it a bit difficult to adjust to his new working environment, to meet his co-work peers and the way in which he must perform his functions and for that reason it is the duty of the company to help him to adjust to his new context.

There are several ways in which employers can help new employees to habituate to his new job and one of these is to send a note to all employees of the company presenting the newest member of the team.

In this section we bring you two different kinds of notes which you can customize and use to deliver to employees and thus they know who is the new partner and can make him feel welcome in the group.

Free example 1 of a new employee presentation letter:

To all members of our team:

Through this we are pleased to introduce Mr. Orlando Peña who is the new support engineer in the Systems Area. Mr. Peña will be responsible for complying with the work being done by Engineer Gutierrez.

We are confident that Mr. Peña may perform their duties fully, because he has more than five years of experience in the field of media. So we ask that you may make him feel that this is his new home and find in everyone of you the best colleagues.

Let’s remember that this is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about our new partner.


Diana Pardo
Head of Human Resources

Free example 2 of a new employee presentation letter:

To all the staff of our plant:

Receive a warm greeting from the Human Resources Office. The purpose of this letter is to let you know that we have a new companion work in the area of Accounting, Miss Teresa Quispe, who will serve as an accounting assistant.

Miss Quispe was selected from a pool of over 20 applicants and her qualities were chosen so we are confident that she will make a good job if all of us make her feel welcomed and help her to adapt to the way we work.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome a new member of our corporate family.

Best regards,

Pedro Salinas

Head of Human Resources

Use either of the two models and see how it impacts on employees so they will help the new member can be more easily adapted. You can complement this newsletter with a formal presentation of the new employee in the different areas of the company.

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