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They left you, they cheated on you, they made you believe lies and played with your heart. It is sad what we are going to say to you, but you are neither the first nor the last person that will go through something like this.

The person you loved suffered a fatal destiny and the world pushed him or her away from you, and now you find yourself mired in solitude and it is very difficult to see into the future. Whatever was the reason, you are now desolate, as if there was not a single thing in this life that was worthwhile to continue living, to wake up every morning, to wash our faces and move forward.

Today we have come to tell you that secluding yourself, not seeing anyone and mourning is the easy option, the one that the cowards take, those who cannot cope with the situation they are facing. We do not mean that you should not have a healthy period of mourning to accept your loss, the problem is when you do not look for reasons to stay here, reasons to move, to leave the sad situation in which you find yourself.

Keeping within our hearts all our problems and the suffering that we have could just consumes us, so we must allow them to go outside, manifest and share them with our loved ones, for them to be able to offer us their help, containment, support and whatever we need to move ahead, because sometimes it is impossible to do it alone.

If you have trouble asking for help directly, then we suggest you take advantage of the facilities we now have and do it, for example, via WhatsApp.

If you do not want to tell a specific person, then you can choose to share your status in which you express your problem and sorrows with all your contacts. Whatever choice you make, on the next few lines we offer you a series of example that could be of help to you, so dare to use them for your benefit.

Free examples of melancholy text to share for WhatsApp:

:: “I have lived too long in delusion, thinking that I was being loved, valued and appreciated, but it was all a vicious lie. Luckily everything came out into the open and was discovered, but now I am devastated and I do not know how to proceed and carry on with my life. I have been used and that is the saddest thing that someone can do to you, be with you for what you have and not for whom you are or what you are worth as a person. I hope I am not wrong again and I know that I will not, because I do not want to hear from anyone in that regard”.
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:: “Some people ask me how I feel now that I know I was cheated on. I want to say to them that the main pain comes from the wake of the discovery of the deceit, everything else is secondary”.
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:: “How sad it is to see how things went, but now it is time to make peace with my demons and I do not regret anything, all the responsibility falls on you”.
Category: Discouraging text for WhatsApp

:: “It is sad to have planned so many things, to have thought in everything we had to do and for all of that to be left in absolutely nothing now. It is worse that way, because when the bubble is burst, the fall is stronger and it is more complicated to understand. So now I resign and I keep walking”.
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:: “I want to thank all my friends, because without them I would not be how I am now. They picked me up when no one was betting on me and now I am better”.
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:: “I now realize that actually it is not your fault at all and that all responsibility is mine for allowing you to get away with it and for not establishing clear limits when I should have done it. I do not hold grudges or anger, that I keep to myself and now I have to learn to work it in order to find the forgiveness that I need to move on”.
Category: Discouraging text for WhatsApp

Do not worry, it is true that at the beginning it is difficult, especially to express yourself, but gradually you will be feeling better to entrust it to someone you have a good and special relationship with, your loved ones are always important at those time.

The main thing is that you get up from your bed, that you are able to find new things to smile, fight and live for. With each passing day it will be increasingly easy and the pain will be left behind. Come back anytime, the best of luck for you.

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