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The competition we endure to achieve and win the position of a job opening is intense. Due to the labor shortage, many applicants are presented to cover a single job opening and that is why you must know how to make yourself stand out from the rest and thus increase your chances of getting hired.

Something that will always be of great help is to send a letter in which you present something brief about yourself and the reasons why the position should be yours. To make your letter writing easier, we offer you two letters that will serve as examples.

Example 1 of a letter to apply for a job:

Panama City, October 25, 2013

Roberto Gómez Paris
Columbus Avenue No 430
Phone 5201012

Human Resources Office o
820 Ancon Avenue
Tel 7610023

To whom it may concern:

Through the present letter I send my greetings to the human resources area of Panamax SA to express what comes next.

I wish to apply for the Automation Engineer job opening whose call was posted on October 20 through the online employment bureau I am an electrical engineer and have a specialization in industrial automation from Atlantic University. I have over 5 years of experience in the area of industrial automation and I know that I will execute an excellent performance in my work.

I know Panamax Inc. is one of the most recognized companies in the electronics manufacturing and that it relies on top of the edge technology. So I want to be part of one of the best companies in Panama.

Enclosed is my resume to participate in the selection process. I am very grateful for your attention.

Best regards,

Roberto Gómez Paris
Electronics Engineer

Example 2 of a letter to apply for a job:

Lima, October 25, 2013

Andrea Campos Parra
Huancabamba Street No 830
Tel 5602010

Human Resources Office
Callao 230
Phone 8540101

Best regards:

Through this letter I expressly intend to apply for the call to the post of general accountant that is current on your website.

I am a certified public accountant with registration No 25083 of the Accountants Association of Peru. I have over 4 years of experience in medium and large companies and during that time I have strengthened my knowledge in accounting so I have the skills to manage the accounting system of a company of the importance of Admaner SA.

I send my resume enclosed to be considered and participate in the call for the job opening. If I am elected for the job you can be assured that I will give my best for the good of the company.

I am very grateful for the attention provided,


Andrea Campos Parra
Public Accountant Reg. No 25083

When composing your own letter of application do not forget to keep a similar format like the examples we just presented to you. Do not forget to pay special attention to your spelling and grammar.

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