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Every employee has the right to quit his job for reasons he deems appropriate. In the workplace, there are diverse reasons that motivate an employee to give up his job, among them we can mention the disagreements with the salary earned, labor bullying, a very difficult working environment and little or no options to ascend.

But for the resignation of a place, you must follow a formality, this is done through a letter of resignation which the employee must do to reach to the Human Resources Area of the company, after which comes a study and a response from the company telling about the employee’s approval of his resignation.

Below we show two model endorsement letter of resignation approval.

Example No. 1 of an approval letter of resignation:

Valladolid, May 15th, 2013

Human Resources Department.
820Canary Avenue
Tel 4201389

Pablo Morillo Pérez
345 Guardians Avenue
Tel 2305481

Dear Mr. Morillo:

Through this letter we, the Human Resources Office of the company REPESA makes from your knowledge the following.
Yesterday in the afternoon, we received your letter of resignation of the charge of Finance Secretary, which so far you have coming developing.

Consistent with the views you expressed in your letter, you refer your resignation on health grounds outside the work environment. We inform you that your resignation has been accepted and will be effective from the time you receive this document.

We also inform you that tomorrow you may submit to our office to give you all the documentation of the case and to proceed the same for your employment benefits.

It is our desire that your health can improve and follow your professional life full of success.


Human Resources Office

Example No. 2 of an approval letter of resignation:

Buenos Aires, May 25th, 2013

Delicias Gauchas Restaurant
General Management
240 Liniers Avenue
Tel 240678023

Ana Alligetti Ramos
450 Maracana Avenue
Tel 85012590

Dear Mrs. Alligetti:

Receive a warm greeting from the Restaurant Management Office. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the following facts.
Yesterday you delivered at our management office letter of resignation as bookkeeper, which you came fully play over the last four years.

According to this statement, the reason for his resignation is his willingness to accept a job offer in another company. In line with the current Employment Law, you are in your right to resign and for that reason after reading and analyzing your resignation letter, we inform you about the acceptance of this, which will be effective at the end of this release.

We also invite you to approach the Management Office after 3pm tomorrow to claim your labor certification and benefits for your service time.

We appreciate the time you spent to labor with our company and we wish you well in your new job.


Pablo Carrizo Yepes
Delicias Gaucho Restaurant

With these examples of letter to approve a waiver request, we can proceed to process the employee rights informing him of those one to which he is involved for the time worked.

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